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This year is definitely an exciting one for all football fans in Pakistan. Coca-Cola Pakistan did a remarkable job in bringing the FIFA World Cup Trophy to the country for the first time in the history of FIFA Trophy Tours. Now it’s time to expand the horizon of your dreams altogether to a next level!

How about watching a FIFA World Cup Match? Here’s what you have to do: In order to augment the joy, Coca-Cola is giving 30 lucky winners an opportunity to see the FIFA World Cup Live in Russia in a recently launched campaign.
Below is what you need to do:

First things first: Collect three labels of any Coca-Cola company product.

Next step: Send them to P.O Box Number 13863 or drop them at your nearest TCS dropbox with a copy of your NIC and a valid contact number (very important).

Last and the most difficult part: Start praying to win until the lucky draw!

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Wasn’t it too simple?

One thing to take note of here is that all the submissions to the lucky draw will be filtered and the selected lucky winners will get a chance to win a free FIFA match ticket to FIFA World Cup in Russia or other exciting prizes. If you noticed the repetition of the word “lucky”, so please understand that we think that chanting lucky over and over might make us lucky enough to be the winner.

We completely made this lucky thing up because we can’t get over the pre-excitement of “if I become the lucky winner to go to Russia to see the FIFA World Cup live”. We just can’t stop jumping at the mere idea of it.
Coca-Cola is too compassionate about spreading happiness this year – the lucky winners will be announced everyday over a course of 30 days. So all you have to do is keep your spirits up, keep praying and of course keep trying! You have 30 chances and the probability might work out in your favour! Be persistent, it might be the key to unlock your lady luck this time.

Coca-Cola has already announced a few winners on its social media pages, keep checking, may be the next up in the queue to be announced is your own name!

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