We cannot deny that 2016 has taken away a lot from us, as we have lost some of the world’s biggest names. But 2016 has also given us things to look back too.

As the year ending (thankfully), here is a look at the things that went viral this year:

Things that went viral in 2016


Taher Shah, became an internet sensation yet again with his song ‘Angel’. He made a song so deep that people had to attend its funeral. He dressed like a brinjal to star in his own music video and got hold of a little kid and dressed him up in the same brinjal costume. *coughs* killing it with that look!


If you haven’t heard the aesthetic song, you missed out on an insanely ridiculous and petrifying life threat of 2016. Good for you!

The Afreen, Momina Mustehsan

New and relatively pretty singers can get a lot of attention, but there is a limit to the amount of discussions you can do on one single individual. Everybody had their own unwanted opinions about this girl next door and she literally became an “object” in heated debates about whether she is pretty or not.


Push-ups, Misbah-ul-Haq

News channels have a understanding of comic timing than the TV shows, and when this almost worthless news of Misbah’s push-ups was repeated for days and became a trend, the madness reached to the extent of people uploading their personal push-ups videos.


PPAP, Daimaou Kosaka

I have a pen, I have an apple, ugh, apple-pen! Apparently, such lyrics can make you viral over-night, of course, added with the annoying yet sub-consciously catchy tune and Cheeta print suite.


Piyara Chai Wala, Arshad Khan

We don’t need to introduce Arshad and more as he has already been the talk of the town for quite some time now. This blue eyed guy pouring hot tea got famous over night. There have been music videos and songs made on him. It was almost senseless to see such a spin of events over one, quite normal, picture of a tea-seller. Any who, we only wish him luck for he future.


The honeymoon girl

Huma Mobin, the girl who went to her honeymoon to Greece without her husband, brought back a photo album of her solo, sad pictures, symbolizing how much she missed him. Well, who doesn’t know that? Reaching as far as Huffington Post and on almost every social forum, yet we are not exactly sure what made it THAT special? We congratulate them though, of course.


The mannequin challenge

That’s literally what it is, people standing as mannequins. This weird social media trend reached to such a height that a whole wedding also participated in it. It just entails standing like baraf in baraf pani, one of our favorite childhood games, turned into a fancy-named challenge.


Urwa-Farhan wedding

What everyone was talking about this month. These two lovers tied the knot in December 2016 and people just couldn’t take it. The obsession with this wedding was too much, with comments, blogs, memes and even comebacks.
May be it is a bit hard move ahead with our lives.


It is quite interesting to see emanations of bold and controversial topics like flash mobs, “banned” music videos and Altaf bhai’s child molesting pappis, being obvious content for sensational social media. We can just hope and wait for what 2017 has intore for us. Happy New Year to all!

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