Well there is a great myth that it is really hard to be an in relationship with Scorpio and Some live by the advice, “Never date a Scorpio”. They are not so much difficult as they are easily misinterpreted. If you have the passion to break through there walls, they actually offer the most passionate love you’ll ever find.

1. There natural reflex is tough in response

They are called out for “sting” as they have a very vengeful nature. But they are actually just strong and independent. They have this tendency to teach others how to treat us.

2. Deeply protective and loyal

One of the best qualities of Scorpios, if they are with you in the good times, they will surely be standing by you in the rougher times. It feels personal when someone attacks someone they love.

3. Very Open minded yet feels everything deeply

It has been observed that Scorpios have complicated minds, but they actually have simple hearts. They manage to overthink little details but there feelings are guided by the big picture.

4. They see reflections of their selves in others

It feels like it is a big challenge to understand a Scorpio, but one of there best qualities is to empathize easily and are quick to feel like they understand others.

5. Complex minds

Beneath their calm appearance, there may be a storm inside. This is because they are very passionate about the things and people they love and care about. Love for them in a real sense is all or nothing.

6. Secretive

They believe some things should remain unsaid, and there are parts of their selves that they don’t automatically put on display. If they eventually do open up about something, they seek ultimate attention.

7. Trust is not a thing to be played with

They do not assume they can trust someone just like that. For them, trust can only be built slowly and steadily over a period of time. Unspoken trust is the lifeblood there relationships for all, and playing and breaking their sense of trust can break your bond with them for forever.

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