There is absolutely no doubt that taking care of your health should be in the top row of your priority list. But then there are food myths which needs to busted, Often you hear that everything brown is healthy. Talk about brown bread or brown eggs, people usually get confused.

Well, this does not stop here from buying sea salt over regular salt we daily question over self when it comes to making food choices

Myth 1: Brown eggs are healthier

The colour of the egg does not have to do anything which its nutritiousness, the truth is the Egg colour depends on the chicken’s gene. For example, chickens that tend to have white earlobes lay white eggs, and those with brown ear lobes tend to lay brown eggs.

myth 1

It all depends on the diet given and genetics of the chicken, and in reality these two things are actually the real influence to the nutritional value and not the colour.

Myth 2: Sea Salt Is Healthier Than Regular Salt

Just like the myth about brown eggs Sea salt is also considered as the healthier salt. Sea salts are made from evaporated sea water. The regular table salt originates from salt mines that are processed.


The Truth is, both have very similar nutritional value. Plus regular table salts have iodine in them while sea salts don’t.

Myth 3: Eggs Have High Cholesterol

In Reality recent research suggests that eggs in moderation are healthy and actually have antioxidant properties.

myth 3

Japan is one country where people there have low levels of cholesterol and heart disease compared to other countries. One of the major reasons is the average person in Japan consumes around 328 eggs per year. This makes them one of the largest egg consuming countries in the world.

Myth 4: Eating Heavy After Workout

Eating after workout is all about “Balance and equality”. After a heavy weight training session, you should make sure to fuel up on carbs and protein.


If you do yoga you should eat salad, soup or lean meat. If you are a runner consider eating a carb snack such as rice within an hour.

Myth 5: Carbs Make You Fat?

Just like a car needs fuel to run Carbs are your body fuel; you should consume the good ones and leave the processed ones. The good carbs include lentils, apples, bananas, nuts, Chia seeds, peanuts and so on. Also, remember too much of anything and not enough energy expenditure can lead to weight increase.


Avoid bad carbs such as white flour, sugar and white pita breads as our bodies absorb them slowly and spike our blood sugar levels.

Myth 6: Low-Fat Foods Are Always Better

Actually, low-fat foods can sometimes be a bigger enemy than regular full-fat foods. A recent study in the UK reveals that about 10% of the diet food carries the same amount of calories as compared to the regular food and 40 per cent have more sugar. Which means the actual result of eating the diet food is opposite, when the food brands eliminates the fat from the product they have to add more sugar or salt for addictive taste.


As a result, eating low fat will make you overweight and you will end up overeating because of the additives.

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It is really hard to maintain a work life balance and it is usually to see that many people fail at it. They fail to create a healthy lifestyle because they are unable to make time for exercise. We have put together some nutrition tips that can lead to better health.

Homemade Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal and an essential part of your daily nutrition. A healthy breakfast sets your tone for the day, As it provides your body with the energy needed to start the day effectively and helps you control your hunger throughout the day.


A fresh glass of juice is one of the best things that you can add to your breakfast. The point is that you should prefer homemade breakfast as breakfast form any café or restaurant is more fattening than nutritious.

Less Coffee

Some people just cannot function without coffee. It is one of the most commonly consumed beverages in the workplace.


Try to reduce your intake to one cup, avoiding caffeine will effectively control your calorie and sugar intake.

Healthy Snacks

Reducing the intake of fast-food will bring freshness to your working hours. You could bring fruits, prunes, granola bars, or carrots. Adding to that a fresh juice can fill the gap.


By extracting as much of the fruits and vegetables’ goodness, the resulting liquid contains most of the vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals found in the foods, which gives energy and vitality during the work day.

Stay Hydrate

Drinking enough water is more important to your effectiveness at work. Drinking water makes you stay attentive, re-energized and encourages clear thinking.


Buy a good size bottle keep it on your desk and refill it. Drinking water when you feel hungry will reduce your desire for food.


Homemade food should be your preference. There are quite a lot of options in the market for salad as well. Always choose a healthier dressing and stay away from mayonnaise-based and heavy cream dressings.

Box with healthy food placed on the office desk

Be Agile

Get up and take a power walk around your workplace. Not only is it good for your muscles, but it also improves circulation, making you less tired.


Other important tips would include taking the stairs instead of the elevator and parking your car some distance from the entrance.

Start say No


Start saying no to donuts, drinks and celebratory cakes. If you can’t say no, just take a tiny piece and participate you can take water as a drink.

Stress Management


In fast paced environment you need to effectively manage your stress level and your health. Whether it’s the occasional spa day, time with family, or a good book, make sure to take care of yourself first and foremost, and maintain a healthy balance.

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The world of internet is full of all sort and type of information, from history to current scenarios, from sports to food and from food to how to make food, just like that you Google Italian food and you all sort of facts about that, Italian food is very well know around the world but there are still so many facts and questions that you always wanted to ask.

Like there are thing which we eat on a routine bases and we called them Italian food but people in Italy never even heard of it.

What is the real Pasta?

There can be so much that can be written about pasta. It should be considered a sin to overcook a paste because by doing that it loses it taste and it is quite hard to digest as well. Even the biggest brands involved in the producing pasta have in a roundabout way support the overcooking of pasta.


So what is the best trick to understand not to overcook the Pasta? Well as they say by throwing one spaghetti against the well if it sticks there its cooked well done, but in over opinion that is over cooked. When the pasta is stuck to the wall it means it is not ready, yes. Set a timer with the time frame given on your package; make sure to boil the water before putting the pasta in that and your pasta will be awesome.

What to use with pasta?

As pasta is a worldwide dish we have observed that there are countries where pasta is served with a lot of cream, let us take the example of Germany, Germans are so use to put cream is all pasta dishes that you actually had to dive into the sea of cream to find pasta. Particularly in Carbonara.


A common observation about pasta is that it helps gains weight but actually its the sauce that makes the difference. The dish can be so much healthier and lighter with the right sauces.

Do Italians consume pasta each and every day?

The answer is yes they do. Italians are one nation know to world that take the food very seriously they can be extremely picky and customary when it comes to decision about food, having said that the younger generation to search and seek alternatives.
It is a common question and we believe that because people think that pasta is only one dish that can be eaten with tomato tomato sauce and one or two other ones. Its wrong Pasta is one amazing dish that can be eaten with vegetables, meat with so many different variations that it can produce a new dish every day.

What is the Real shape of Pasta?

Well the real taste is when you mix right shape with the right sauce, it is very important not to mix the wrong sauce with the wrong shape.


Typically all shapes are consist of same ingredients and of same taste but in actually cooking sense it make a big difference. For example risoni with a tomato sauce and you dont wanna eat spaghetti with beans do you ?

Quick and simple The Italian breakfast


A typical Italian breakfast is not considered as one of the main meals of the day, a coffee with cornetto, or just simple glass of milk and cookies, In an Italian sense it should be simple and quick. This is also one of the main reasons that the lunch is given more importance. And quite surly the lunch will not be a sandwich  .

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