Sunny Leone doesn’t need any introduction. The adult films super star turned actress does not see anything bad associated with the word “objectification”. And said that we objectify stuff to sell products.
She has recently named in the BBC 100 woman list. In her resent interview with BBC, she explained about her experience in the Indian film industry and more.


When asked about if the Indian cinema” Commodifies” woman to sell their product more than man. She replied by saying “I don’t know. I objectify men all the time. Just kidding! Maybe not so much kidding but I don’t see the word ‘objectification’ as a bad word. We all objectify things and products and people to sell the product we wish to sell. For me sometimes, it is selling brand ‘Sunny Leone’. For a film, it’s selling the name with the film”.


With five years of experience in Bollywood now. It all started with her participation in the “Big Boss” the controversial reality TV show back in 2011. Sunny explained how it all started, “The Company came to me, came to my husband actually, and said there’s a show, it’s like ‘Big Brother’, but ‘Big Brother India” they asked if I would like to be the part of it? And I rejected as I thought that people will hate me.

“I said that because of the reason of my past experience and reaction coming from the Indian community. Everyone knows that I used to work in the adult industry” .
“In the coming day they shared more information about the show I thought to myself if I don’t go, this might be one of the biggest career mistakes I would ever make in my life”.


When asked why she choose to stay in India. She said “ I had this strange feeling that when you get judgmental about something and It turns out completely opposite of it and that’s what happened and my feeling was completely wrong about, you know, people will not accept me”.


When asked now she have worked with both the adult entertainment industry and now the Indian film industry. How would she make a contrast between both places? She replied by saying “when I was in the adult entertainment industry I was never questioned about my past, my sexual orientation, my integrity as a woman here people have to compromise”.


Does she think that she get judged because of her past and for the work she did in the adult entertainment industry.

“Absolutely! But that’s what I created. I know what I am getting into”.

“I don’t know what that means by the way but I can guess that it’s something more on the glamorous side or the sexier side. Maybe that some people are not comfortable with, but that’s the image I created so I am okay with it.”

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