Everyone knows about the Apple’s voice assistant Siri accessible on iOS devices. People usually think it is good for searching stuff, but she is far more competent then people actually think.

Initially she is a bit hard to get along with but with time you will realize that she is extremely helpful and practical. Apart from looking up for stuff siri can perform pretty wide range of tasks; She will become accustom to your personal language and with more utilization it will also modify itself and produce results individually according to your needs.

In this piece of writing, we want to go through and bring to light seven very useful things that Siri can do.

Controlling Non-Apple Apps

Siri is more powerful than ever, it got way smarter with iOS 10. One of the major advantage and change is that it finally controls third party apps, you can now tell her to call an Uber or send money through venom.


From phone to Mac

Siri is now integrated with Mac, and it will perform all the same tasks it use to perform on your phone, you can now even ask her to show you the document that you were working on last night.


Random Number; Siri will roll a dice

Lose the dice that comes with your favorite board game? Siri can help, just ask it to roll a dice and it will randomly generate a number. It can flip a coin for you as well.



You can change the accent and gender of siri’s voice as per you liking. Plus you can make a protocol for siri to only respond on your voice.


Siri knows what flies above you

This is one awesome feature; ask siri “What planes are flying above me right now?”


It will provide you with all the details about destinations and even displays a map of where they are headed.

Calling people

Great option when you are driving and want to use your device hands free, you can simply tell her who to call and she will connect. You can even tell her to call the person on speaker phone so you do not have to look at your phone again and again.


Besides this you can even get your calling history redial any call you missed and even check your voice mail.

Searching emails

Do not want to find a particular email? Tell siri she will find it for you, she can search by date, sender subject or sender if you want to. Not only it will hunt your down, it will read them to you as well.


Further more, you can ask her to respond to email or send new emails.

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