Well, there are all sorts of information about food on the internet, but we really felt the need of a list that can solve a very basic and common “Desi” question at home.

“What to cook for lunch?”

This weekly lunch calendar will make your kitchen routine more organized.


When it comes to “Garm-a-Garm Daal chawal” nothing beats the “Sondha Sondha Taste”. Either your mom is cooking or your wife, it’s arguably the most featured meal on a usual design lunch table.



Bhandi (Okra or lady finger).

No Matter how much you hate the name but Bhandi Masla is here to stay. It is also one of the easiest thing to cook and preferred with “Dahi”.



Standing in the middle of the week and we are unable to make our mind about what to cook? Suddenly Alu (Potatoes) becomes the lender of last resort, it is a one quick and easy answer.

“Alu Ki Katlian” is the dish that is always in consideration for lunch.



When everything runs out of your mind and when you actually are too low to cook anything, “ Shami kabab’s” are your best friends.



As effortless as it can get “Anday aloo”, is a personal favorite. Potato is a common vegetable and most easily available as well.



Curried Meat with Cauliflower (Gobi Gosht) is really a healthy traditional recipe. It is very easy to prepare and gives you a unique taste.

It is best served with “basan ki roti”.



Yes, it is Sunday; everyone is at home and has a severe desire to eat something special. Everyone will surely have their opinions. Well, for this Biryani is this ultimate love for all.

I know even the picture looks so tempting.


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