The biggest event of the year has hit K-town with not only a buffet of palate pleasers for the attendees to choose from but a star-studded lineup of performers from Coke Studio to up the ante of food festivals in Pakistan. With the tickets for only Rs.400, #CokeFest is a clutter-breaking, routine-shattering experience for the ordinary man stuck in the work-home-work loop. However, if you’re the one intimidated by the magnitude of the event we are breaking down the stalls and the performance schedule for you to pick and choose your time of attendance accordingly.

But first, let me talk to the foodies!

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Food lovers, read this list of stalls at your own risk. We will not take any responsibility for any mouth-watering, stomach rumbling incidents. Are you ready? Scroll down and down to read the long list of eateries waiting for you with piping hot food:

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• Graffodie
• Fry Guys
• Glacier Spoon
• Eat Samosas
• Figaro Grill
• Fit Bite
• Dessertland
• Del Frio
• The Crave Bar
• Coco 9
• Cold Stone
• Chick-o-Cheese
• Bonsai Pan Asian Kitchen
• Bella Vita
• Pan Asia
• Two Guys One Grill
• Wrappite
• Rowtisserie
• Broadway
• Venus Foods
• Potadose
• Pop Up Bar
• Mocca
• Pekhawar
• Kurtos
• Laj Pal Food Corner
• Khausa Khau
• Hey Day
• Ice Pop
• Straight Out A K Town
• Grab Your Meal
• Dip Shop
• Chop Chop Wok
• K-Town Burger
• Potato Factory
• ZA Kabab Center
• Frasta
• Berlin Doner & Gyro

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Where my music lovers at?

This one’s for the music enthusiasts, here is a long, long and rather overwhelming list of performers waiting to make you swoon:

Saturday (March 10, 2018)
Sophiya Anjum
Shahzad Khan

Vahaj Hanif
Rachel Viccaji
Sahir Ali Bagga

Sunday (March 11, 2018)
Sophiya Anjum
Shahzad Khan

Zoe Viccaji
Nabeel Shaukat
Ali Sethi (screaming!)

Tempted enough? Get your weekend look on and head to Beach View Park, Clifton now to be Coke Fest-ed!

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