You’ve perfected a flawless base, swiped on that mascara and have your favorite lipstick on, ready to steal the day. Except, by the time you go through all the nature’s obstacles and reach your destination, you’ve got the real ‘I woke up like this’ face. The last thing you want to do is run to the powder room and see your lipstick half smeared off and your make-up fade away. These tips will ensure your makeup is sealed, sunshine or rain, until you’re ready to hit the sack.

1. Prep your skin

First things first, start with a clean slate. Cleanse your skin with a good quality cleanser. Make sure you remove all the excess oil and dirt. This is the most important one because nothing stands out on a dirty background. Let it dry for a minute or two and moisturize your skin gently.

2. Use a Primer!

A primer is like a good partner who hides or blurs your imperfections someone who acts as a shield for you. You feel me? Ok enough!
Using a primer will lock your makeup to your skin. It basically provides a smooth base for the makeup to settle and stay longer and also cover the pores making our skin look even.

3. Pick the right Products

While choosing your makeup essentials, be as careful as you are while choosing your life partner! 😛 Because the right one will go a long way and that too without giving any problems, LOL!
Jokes apart but the correct products ensure better coverage and are long lasting. Go for oil free foundations with SPF. Or if you are new to the makeup world, than do your research by reading different reviews and then invests!

4. Don’t just line your lip, fill it in

Instead of simply outlining your lips with your lip liner like you would normally, colour up the entire lip with the pencil before you glide on your lip colour. Also, applying your lipstick with a brush will help fill in the finer lines.

5. Make Setting spray your BFF

These are made to let makeup stay on the skin for a longer time and to prevent your makeup melt like an ice-cream. Set your makeup with a setting spray to help it last all day long. This should be the last step after you are done with your makeup and are all set to SLAY!

6. Skin Says: TOUCH ME NOT!

Umm yeah girls, what’s with the touching? Just go SnapChat to keep your hands busy but DO NOT TOUCH your skin after every five minutes, your makeup is safe and isn’t going anywhere. Constant touching will simply ruin it and not just that it will lead to ugly breakouts too and that’s the biggest nightmare for us girlies.

7. Keep a Makeup bag!

Better safe than sorry! Yes, this tiny bag packed with all the essentials can come to your rescue if in case there is a makeup meltdown emergency. Like a pressed powder, mascara, a lippie. The basics you know!

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