When it comes to makeup, almost all of us plague with the same dilemma every day: it simply won’t stay on throughout the day. It’s either fading away, melting off or rubbing onto clothes. No matter if you — primer, powder or use a setting spray. You just can’t seem to win. That is, until this trend come across. YouTubers are trying out a new Korean beauty trend called Jamsu.

Jamsu, which literally translates to “submerge” or “dive,” is exactly what it sounds like — dunking your face in cold water to seal makeup onto your face.

We have to admit, the trend is little thrown off. I mean, dunking your face into a basin filled with water?! How is that supposed to work? While it is fairly skeptical, but it is so damn fascinating. It’s just intriguing, and we have to give them a whirl to see what all the hype is about.

So, you just dunk your face in water?

Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

After applying foundation and concealer, the a key ingredient that seals the deal is baby powder.

Baby Powder - Jamsu


Apply a very thick layer of baby powder on your face ( caution: it’s a lot messier), you are ready for the next step of dunking your face into cold water for 30 seconds.

What happened after?


After emerging from the freezing cold water, your face will be baby powder-free. The water will wash away every last speck of powder from the face, but your foundation will be still on perfectly (gasp!) even after patting the face dry. In fact, the foundation will look better than ever. Pores will nearly invisible and the complexion will look smooth and even toned. What?!


Continue to apply the rest of your makeup as you normally would and be ready head out into the world. Where your face will stay fresh through out. TRY IT!

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