It’s not that hard if you want to be the fine dresser that everyone wants to compliment. For man’s office wear all you need is to do some research and be attentive towards fabric and new styles.

As a professional most of our time is booked with the office and we usually think more about what we wear on the weekend. Usually a man’s attire is pinned to his shirts, either it is an evening out or your regular office wear more often than not a white shirt becomes your answer, but there are much more to office and formal wear than this fix.


One explanation that white shirt is considered as part of professional wear, because it regularly requires laundering and blue collar that is usually associated with “workers” which does not need that much attention, but everything is change the blue collar is now essential part of men’s professional attire.

Fabric is the most important thing to look for when you are buying a shirt more often than not if it feels good, it’s probably good. A good office shirt should be thicker, yet soft. The next thing is to look at the buttons and the stitching, often the telltale signs of a badly-made shirt.


It should always be preferred that the shirt has single stitching, Buttons should not show a plastic like look and should not have any thread hanging out of it.

After that fit and collar come next. If you are going for shirt shopping, you should know your neck and sleeve length size to the half inch – and when buying cotton shirts, always allow for shrinkage. The neck size (collar) is basically an extension of your face.

If you think that you have a rounded face that is on the heavier side, you should prefer long collars and avoid button-down collars. Try to find a brand that does the trick for you.

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