A Pet is part of family and it is very important to keep your four-legged buddy warm when the temperature dips. There are few important tips that you need to know started with keeping their bedding dry and stimulate fur growth to keep them warm, say experts.

* Clothing:

Using pet clothing is a great option. If you have Puppies please note that they are less cold tolerant because they have less muscle and fat mass than the adult dogs. Muscle and fat increase their metabolism and keeps them warm.

* Keep their place of sleep dry:

Its winter and no one likes a cold floor. A small bed and pillow or blanket should be all what a pet needs to keep warm during cold winter nights.

* That fur is their cover:

Let the pups adjust gradually to outdoor chills. That stimulates their fur to grow thicker. Indoor pets won’t be as well equipped to spend time outside, so be aware and bring them back inside after only short trips to the bathroom and back.

* Protect skin and paws:

When it gets chill you need to be checking the paws of your pets in frequent intervals for any signs of cold-weather injury or damage like cracked paw pads or bleeding is very important. These injury can cause immense pain and your pets will be unable to walk.

* Observe:

Try understanding what the problem of your buddy see if your pet is behaving unusual. If the pet is shivering, whining, seems week or starts looking for warm places to burrow, get them back inside quickly because they are showing signs of hypothermia.

* Avoid giving cold water or food:

It is important to understand that you should only give room water or warm water to your pets as cold water or food can make them fall sick.

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