Looking for a health boost. Tea is formally remarkable for your health with its health benefits. A steaming cup of tea help soothing a sour throat, and is a perfect drink for losing extra weight. Researchers also tell tea may also contribute to the prevention of cancer, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular diseases.

Tea is one of the most consumed beverages on the planet arguably second after water. One reason is because you can drink it hot or cold, there are enough ranges to suit everyone.

These Five amazing tea’s have amazing health benefits and can help you lose some pounds as well.

1) Green Tea

It is an ultimate metabolism booster, it improves you blood flow and lower your cholesterol, Good blood circulation improves brain activity, it also helps to stable blood sugar


oolong tea

Its origin is dated back 400 years in china where it found in extensive usage, it is also known as black dragon tea and it is now one of the most favorite teas across the world for its amazing health benefits.


Oolong tea helps in reduction of different diseases such as heart diseases, inflammatory disorder and helps maintain the cholesterol levels by providing important antioxidants assisting in healthy skin and good dental health

Mint tea

Peppermint tea is an excellent cure for a disturb stomach, it is one of the most beneficial drink for your digestive system, it assist in relieving cramps and helps clear the gastrointestinal tract.


White tea

According to few historic accounts white tea is also originated from china, this verity of tea is mostly known because of it is minimally processed. It gets harvested even before the tea plant leaves are fully open.


It helps creates a defense system which protects skin from harmfulness of UV rays. Its antibacterial qualities guards the body form different infections, it also reduce the risk of cancers.

Rooibos Tea

Origin traced to Cape Town South Africa, it is one amazing antioxidant that reverse the signs of aging. This red tea support proper liver functioning, it also a good cure for insomnia.


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