Today Google is something which is practically everywhere and it will be really hard for us to imagine our personal and professional life without searching stuff on internet. With all its knowledge this mighty search engine is running your life.

While searching for information about anything or anyone Google knows almost everything about us, but there are quite a few things we do not know about this searching hub.

Below are some Astonishing details

If a Googler dies, spouse will get paid for a decade

Well, yes you read it right, if in an unfortunate event a company employee dies. The spouse will get a half of the pay cheque of their partner salary for 10 years plus the kids will get 1000$ every year from the company till they get to 19.

As the vice president of people operation described in an article in forbes“.

tombstone-cash 1

Google owns a Dinosaur

Dinosaurs might have lived like 200 million years ago on earth, but these guys manage to get their own at the Googleplex. It is a skeleton of a gigantic T-Rex nicknamed “Stan”.

Googleplex 1

Google in 2001

Google logo has gone through a lot of changes, iterations over the years, apparently in the year 2001 the logo was not even centered because the founder were not fond of Hypertext markup Language.


The Noogler

Joining a new office in a new place is an intimidating task, but at google its a bit more, newly joined employees are called Nooglers and they had to wear this rainbow cap with Noogler written on it.

noogler 1

Internet apocalypse

In 2013 was down for 5 minutes and it was reported it resulted in 40% down on the internet traffic.

power cut

All the services that the company provides were out, and the analyst calls it “the internet apocalypse” as there is a huge reliance on Google’s platform from all the internet users.

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