Game of Thrones will be returning this summer for its seventh season. HBO revealed that on Thursday in a gimmicky facebook live event showing an ice block and the viewers actually had to comment “Fire” to reveal the date. Game of thrones will premiere on July 16. video of the Penultimate season doesn’t actually include any of the cast members – and yet it absolutely sets the stage “fire an ice”.


The above teaser poster put forwards little to no information about what’s coming in season seven, but by just looking at it you will get the idea of the long awaited battle between fire and ice.

Currently the mother of dragons is on her way to westors, so the possibility is there that she will meet her nephew Jon Snow. There are so many questions that will be answered, will the wall melt? Will the dragons shower fire and burn cities? Will Jon and Daenerys come together or Jon show still knows nothing?

Only the old Gods and the new knows“.


The Teaser video shows the burned sigils for each main House of Westeros: The Lannister lion, the Stark direwolf, the Targaryen three-headed dragon, and more. As each sigil was shown, echoes of past lines from the show were played.

There will be shortened run of episodes for the final two seasons, announced last year and HBO has confirmed. The seventh season would return in the summer and will exist from the standard April premieres.


There is a whole fuss about the winter since the initial episode, and the season six finale allowed The Winds of Winter, the camera crew actually had to wait for colder weather. Currently, every character in the show has come to a critical point in their lives and will be crashing down, however the show ends. Will be an “absolute chaos”.

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