Mothers have special yet different ways of bringing up a baby, but experts say, they shouldn’t forget to hug their bundle of joy. Clinical Pyschologist associated with Huggies, suggest that there are emotional benefits that hugs have for your babies.

* Boosts immunity:

Snuggles and cuddles in which the both you and your baby’s hearts get pressed against each other boost the immunity by encouraging the development of white blood cells through thymus gland. This will surly facilitate to keep your child healthy and diseases free.

* Makes them sleep better:

You can ensure a good sleep for your baby by cuddling your baby for a couple of minutes before they doze off. Hugging relaxes the body and has beneficial effects that help a child sleep better.

Mother holding newborn baby in rocking chair
Mother holding newborn baby in rocking chair

* Reduces stress:

Cardiologist at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, talks about a few little known scientific benefits of hugs for your baby. A child who is hugged, feels relaxed. This physical expression of love will decrease the cortisol (the stress hormone) to the safe level.

* Helps to heal:

Hugging and cuddling is known to help heal diseases. This again is recognized to the release of oxytocin. And this is the reason parents of premature babies are encouraged to have skin-on-skin contact to help them grow and develop. This very reason is firmly suggested by experts who swear that a new mother heals quickly after delivery if she is immediately left with her baby undisturbed.

One more important point that a Huggies survey highlighted was that 90 per cent physicians and experts believe that a newborn child can recognise their mother’s hug. When the mother takes the little one into their arms and gives them a warm hug. They can identify their mother by engaging their primary instincts and senses, such as recognising her scent and voice.

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