Communication is life and life is communication, high speed technological development is changing ways and means to communicate and reaching out; future is something much brighter then what we thought. Currently we are living in the era of social interaction and collaboration and the medium in use are never been faster.

We cannot be sure about anything in the future, it can be as good as we thought or as bad as we fear but one thing is for sure that there will be change and this change will take its toll.

We all will have to adapt towards this change and develop mechanism that will help us. One industry that is dynamically changing and will change our way of life is telecommunications.

Currently we are still getting hold with 4G speeds on our smart phones, but in the future we hope to see driver-less cars and drones that will be delivering us pizza and they all will be connected with one technology of Fifth generation or 5G.

Here are five interesting aspects to fulfill your thrust for future technology of 5G.

Incredibly fast speed

5G technologies will be 100 times faster than 4G. Imagine downloading a full length movie within seconds. Increased speed will depend on how companies will adapt to MWT (millimeter wave technology) which enable the signals to travel smaller distances.


It will just not be the increased speed of services, But it will also be mechanism that will create, handle maintain enormous number of devices.

Internet of things and 5G

The future of internet is the ‘internet of things’ which is described as inter-connectivity of physical objects. Fifth generation technology will be way much faster and smarter to access the devices and devices accessing the internet.


From a smart Air conditioner, CCTVs, billing meters to driver-less cars all will be busy sharing and connected through data all the times.

Greater than before Bandwidth

5G will be more focused on the requirement of connection capacity.


It will provide 1000 time more capacity, which will provide incredibly fast speed for downloading and accessing the internet from different devices.

Where you can find it first

With high level of government support Chinese and Japanese are ahead of North America and Europe for developing such technology. These countries are already consume high level of 4G networks.


Wireless stream like Never before


Virtual gaming will go to next level with the amazing speed of 5G. Picture yourself playing a virtual game with your friends across other countries of the world or visiting Niagara fall from the comfort of your living room with ridiculously high speed wireless streaming content through your VR handset.


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