Time to time we get this health alert telling us that we should avoid butter, isn’t it? It is a hard thing to do especially if you are one of those who can’t think of living without butter toast or a big fan of a paratha (flatbread) that can be enjoyed only with an extra scoop of butter. Hold on, a recent study suggest some numbers that may make you change your mind. Consuming 12gms of butter per day can double the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

“Butter consumption increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases as it contains a high amount of saturated and unsaturated fats and also trans fats” Dr Naushad Rais, assistant professor, School of Life Science at Manipal University, who was part of the study that also found links between the disease and the genes that cause obesity and high blood pressure.

But don’t worry while we purpose you to say goodbye to butter, we have tried to bring to you a list of five healthy alternatives that will surly help cut down on fat with more nutritional value.

Olive Oil:

Usually used with salad, you can also use it to bake. Just add 3/4th cup olive cup to every suggested cup of butter for baking and enjoy a healthy meal.


Nut Butter:

Making your own butter with peanuts or almonds is one great alternative. If you are looking for a perfect topping for your bagel or muffin, this spread will taste better and has nutritional value as well.

nut beutter


If you like your regular breakfast with a butter toast, you can try to switch to spreading avocado on your bread instead. It has a healthy dose of vitamin K, and potassium.


Apple Sauce:

You can substitute butter for apple sauce, if you like to ad a moist texture to your baked items, It actually works best for sugary desserts as it lends a natural flavour.

Fresh homemade apple sauce
Fresh homemade apple sauce

Greek Yoghurt:

Just like apple sauce, this can be used to add a moist texture to your baked desserts. Use ½ cup of Greek yoghurt to every cup of butter in the recipe.

greek yoghurt

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