Balochistan is the biggest provinces of Pakistan as per the land area it covers. The history of Balochistan tells us that it was home to one of the oldest civilization in the world. Researchers and archaeologist reports that the civilization uses to cultivate and had trade agreements with other ancient civilizations such as Babylon.
Balochistan also has some amazing nature, sites and it’s a land of mixture from mountains to huge plains. From the hottest area of sibi to relatively cooler places like Quetta and Ziarat. These dissimilarities of the arrangement of natural and artificial features of Balochistan make it unique and amazing.

We have tried to list five craziest places in Balochistan that will definitely shock you with its beauty.

Astola Island

Astola is one of the most beautiful and the largest island of Pakistan in the district Gawadar. It is a uninhibited island. The length of the island is approximately 6.2 km and the width of 2.3km. According to a research Astola Island is identified as a ‘hotspot’ of coral and marine life diversity in Pakistan.

Astola-Island - Balochistan

For tourist, it is quite a hard destination to reach as there are virtually no facilities to lodge. Astola is 39 kilometer south east of Pasni.

Hingol National Park

In the South west of Bela and along the Makran Costal, the beautiful Hingol national park is located. With its breath taking landscapes and views is a great deal of difference and verity of present in the ecosystem, with dangerous wildlife make it one of the most exciting places for adventure.

Hingol NP - Balochistan

Gawadar City

Gawadar is newly rising port city located in the Makran division of Balochistan province. Gawadar is known for its amazing blue beach spots with white send. It is a city with so much cultural diversity where muslims, christens, hindus, parsis and people from different religious background live together.

Gawadar - Balochistan

Hanna Lake

The beautiful Hanna Lake is located near the capital city of Balochistan, Quetta. Hanna Lake is the start of Urak valley and it is one of the pioneer tourist destinations near the Quetta city.

Hanna Lake - Balochistan

With spectacular landscapes and views are picturesque, the island in the middle can be reached by a boat.

Kund Malir

Considered as one of the best beaches in the world, Kund Malir is located in the Hingol national park on the Makran Costal highway.

kund malir - Balochistan

If you are leaving form Kund Malir from Karachi, it will take four an half hours to reach there. Lack basic facilities like hotels, fuel, mobile services but for travel lover and natural beauty enthusiast Kund Malir can be a breath taking adventure.

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