Chester Bennington the ferocious lead singer for the hard rock band Linkin Park, was found dead in his home near Los Angeles on Thursday. He was 41.

one of the most popular and most divisive bands of the new millennium Linkin Park, because of their genre fusion of rap and matel, but to listen to that debut single is to remember that they were also differentiated by a core of raw, convincing pain. It almost entirely came from Chester Bennington.

He was arguably the purest font of angst—and inarguably one of the most powerful male voices—in mainstream music since 2000.


The death of the star singer is also being connected to Chris Cornell, the Soundgarden singer who also killed himself in May and whose birthday would have been Thursday, the day Bennington’s body was found. Bennington, married and the father of six.

Stood with his shirt off, microphone clasped in hand, the One Step Closer hit-maker is surrounded by a sea of lights as the crowd hold up their phones.

The band’s sound has always been omnivorous, and the band did deserves more credit than it gets for the way it changed the current moment in which rock’s drama and pop sweetness and rap’s swagger seem to combine. While Shinoda and his bandmates worked on projecting attitude and geeky cool, on the other hand Bennington contributed a lot of said sweetness and even more of said drama.

Every song of his is seemed to revisit the same wounds, and the impression almost always was of the scrawny sensitive soul finally pushing back after a lifetime of abuse.


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