Karachi is not only the largest city in Pakistan, but it is one of the largest urban agglomerations in the world. Just like every city has its own direction, dimension, language and culture. Karachi is a the center of attraction for all and holds a lot of uniqueness and most of them are quite interesting as well. For instance; lets just take some names of the areas, streets and roundabouts of the city. What’s interesting that you’ll find all sorts of names driven from animals, places and even things. Well doesn’t that makes it a perfect definition of noun?

Lets discover Karachi with its names

Karachi has its villages(Ghot), towns, districts(Kasbay) ..

Yes Karachi is a city, but we have Gaoun, ghot, kasbaas, and towns.
“Wait what”? . Yes we have Kasba Colony, Kasba Mour, Orangi Town, Sarjani Town, Gadap Town. Usually village is what is opposite of a city, But Karachi is a mother of quite a few villages (Ghots). We have all famous Surab Ghot and Pahalwan Ghot, Safura Ghot, Angara Ghot, Jumma Ghot, Yousuf Ghot, Fakira Ghot, Mamon Ghot, Ibrahim Hadri Ghot, Chanasir Ghot”.


Well these names does not stop there. We have Goli Mar, Lalu Khat, Soo (100) quarters which is apparently half English and half Urdu. Then we have Lasbayla, Chota-Maydan, Bara-Maydan, Landhi, Korangi, Chakhi Wara, Numaish.

This is Karachi for you. There will not be these kind of names in any other city in the world.


Lets get down to streets, neighborhood and roundabouts.

Not only Karachi own Ghots, Towns and Kasbas. We have quite interesting and unique names for our streets, neighborhood and roundabouts. For streets we have Bottle Gali, Sarafa Gali, Mochi Gali and yes Khachi Gali. In Urdu Churaha usually means a 4 way intersection, but hardly anyone calls it Churaha any more, everyone calls it Chorangi and when there are Chorangis there are names. Quite weird ones as well!
We have Nagan Chorangi not sure where that comes from. We also have Noras Chorangi, Chamra Chorangi, Gani Chorangi, Qalandiriya Chorangi and the all star of them all “Five-Star Chorangi”.


The turns

Every city in the world have roads and all sort of roads have turns. Usually known as left turn/right turn/ U turn. But in Karachi we have names for these turns as well. We have D ka Mor, Mochi Mor, and yes all famous “ANDA MOR” (egg roundabout)

You might have heard about quite a few colorful things in life, but no city in the world has schools named on colors like karachi has. We have Kala school (Black school), Peela school (Yellow school), Lal school (Red school), Safayd school (White school).

And then comes karachi’s interesting Chai Dhaba’s (Cafes) which are referred as to hotels; Chirag Hotel, Lackpati Hotel, Achanak Hotel, Apna Hotel. And not to forget Sindhi Hotel (The twins! one of them is in Liaquatabad and the other in New Karachi).

Name Name Name and Names..

Karachi has all kinds of markets. We have Kali Market (Black Market), Lal Market (Red Market), Shu Market (probably Shoe Market), Khada Market (SERIOUSLY!) Jackson Market, Jaama Cloth, Kakzi Bazaar.

The word “Aaram” in urdu means rest and “Bahg” means garden and when you combine these words you will have a word “Aaram Bahg”. A normal person will think it is some place or garden where to rest but “Nooooooo” its a furniture market in Karachi “TADAA”.

Number names .

There are areas in karachi which are known by number like Korangi Dhai (Korangi 2 1/2), Naye karachi pach number ( New karachi number 5), Landhi 6 number, and the most interesting is Do mint ki Chorangi (two minutes round about).

Karachities have their unique love for power houses and water pumps they have at least named a couple of areas after them. With that we have Parye, Nalay, and Jumps with names as well like we have Bangali Para, Bhans Para, Gujjar Nala, Nasir jump. Karachiite are also obsessed with there bus stops like W11 ka Akhiri stop, 4k Ka Stop plus we have Nala stop “WOHOO”.


Animals are defined as (any such living organism other than a human being) this is what Google tell us, but Karachi gives its due respect to animals as well. For that we have human colonies with animal/insects names we have Machar Colony (mosquito colony), Bhans Colony.

No offence to English


Where there are so many local names. There are quite a few areas which have pure English names such as Empress Market, Bolton Market, Napier Road, Clifton, Defense, Bath Island, Garden east Garden West and the hot spot sea view.

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  1. Very good article about my home town indeed karachi is the city of light

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    Bhains colony n macher colony is awesome…by the way karachi phir karachi hai

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