The CW is all set to give you the super blaster of the year. The epic journey of the four super hero shows will be begin on 28th November with SUPERGIRL on Monday, and will continue to amaze you with THE FLASH on Tuesday, ARROW on Wednesday, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday, The DC Comics based series will merge for a multi-part of the story. As far as we know about the mega episodes crossover story is that our heroes will face the mind controlling alien threat of the Dominators, who assault earth due to its out of control metahuman problem.



Recently the CW has released a bunch of new pictures from its upcoming superhero crossover event. All members of show look pretty exciting about the get together because it is a holiday party for the members to work together again after a long time. Cisco as usual looks excited to meet the GIRL OF STEEL. Even Thea Queen is suiting up again to battle the alien race, the dominators, while Harrison wells and felicity smoke are on hand to help the superheroes.



Surprise, surprise! yes, the most exciting part of the show is Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) is coming back to the show, well I don’t know yet its permanent or some backstory event of Oliver Queen but at least we can see her again with the arrow team, yay! As we can see in pictures that she is wearing a wedding gown which appears to be a wedding moment for her. Ray and Felicity dress up for a formal event and seem to get close in another image.


The Super week will start with the Supergirl and collectively called “INVASION” as we can in pictures that cisco and Barry Allen seek Kara’s (SUPERGIRL) help with an alien invasion on their earth.



Well, CW has just created a hype with the major crossover in the history of television and their rating would go on the top notch no doubt, it will be defiantly a boost for all the four-series combined. On the other hand their cast seems pretty thrilled too as we can see that from their social media postings. Well as a regular viewer of these four shows I am super excited for the episodes and some major come back of my favorites. Here are some more pictures from the coming crossover, thank me later. Enjoy!

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