Construction that combines the old and the new, The city of Milan in Italy has its own character and history. When you Arrive at one of the major railway stations in Europe, you can’t help but be amazed by the imposing early twentieth century buildings.

The curved glass roof, the numerous bas-reliefs and sculptures, the travertine stone walls and the tile panels of various Italian cities along with several mosaics can confuse the traveller as to the nature of the edifice.


Benito Mussolini “The dictator” selected some of the elements we see today. The sculptures of mythical animals or acronyms reminiscent of the Roman. But all does not diminish the remarkable structure. Within the station, a pavilion was built in the 1920s as a lavish waiting room for the royal family.

The world’s most famous opera house, La Scala of Milano, (the oldest is in Naples), is located in the Piazza della Scala, Most visitors do not omit a stopover to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the world’s oldest shopping mall, completed in 1877, it was named after the King of Italy.

The major attraction in the city include Sforza Castle, a 15th-century citadel, which currently accommodates several of the city’s museums including the Egyptian Museum, the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Ancient Art, amongst others.

One of the Museum is also named after the famous resident of the city Leonardo da Vinci The museum of Science and Technology, who lived in the city between 1482-1499; among other works, he was commissioned to paint The Last Supper.

An one-and-a-half-hour train ride away is the city of Verona. One thing that instantly comes to mind after hearing the name of the city are two characters whose story is set here. Despite their tragic end, the city of Romeo and Juliet always seems to be bustling with people who somehow wish to capture Shakespeare’s story.


The Roman arena that stands in Piazza Bra is understandably a top-rated attraction. If you are visiting in summers, do not be surprised if part of the cobbled street that surrounds the amphitheatre is filled with theatre props as the city’s renowned Opera Festival takes place during this time.

From this now you are only a train ride away to the Floating City of Venice. filled with history at every corner and a step, you feel back in time when visiting it. The city has been featured in numerous films. So, don’t be surprised if it feels instantly familiar!


Piazza San Marco, is Venice’s only square. The crowds are ever present here, except perhaps in the early morning hours, which is the best time to make your way there.

‘The most beautiful bookstore in the world’ is found in Venice. Libreria Acqua Alta (high water) is named after the periodic floods that occur during winter.

Besides this there are several local art shops, including ceramic and miniature ones, but the most frequently spotted types are the mask shops. But the most recognisable symbol of Venice is the gondola. The black, flat-bottomed boat has been the most common mode of transport for centuries.

Cover image coke russia

This year is definitely an exciting one for all football fans in Pakistan. Coca-Cola Pakistan did a remarkable job in bringing the FIFA World Cup Trophy to the country for the first time in the history of FIFA Trophy Tours. Now it’s time to expand the horizon of your dreams altogether to a next level!

How about watching a FIFA World Cup Match? Here’s what you have to do: In order to augment the joy, Coca-Cola is giving 30 lucky winners an opportunity to see the FIFA World Cup Live in Russia in a recently launched campaign.
Below is what you need to do:

First things first: Collect three labels of any Coca-Cola company product.

Next step: Send them to P.O Box Number 13863 or drop them at your nearest TCS dropbox with a copy of your NIC and a valid contact number (very important).

Last and the most difficult part: Start praying to win until the lucky draw!

Image 1 coke russia

Wasn’t it too simple?

One thing to take note of here is that all the submissions to the lucky draw will be filtered and the selected lucky winners will get a chance to win a free FIFA match ticket to FIFA World Cup in Russia or other exciting prizes. If you noticed the repetition of the word “lucky”, so please understand that we think that chanting lucky over and over might make us lucky enough to be the winner.

We completely made this lucky thing up because we can’t get over the pre-excitement of “if I become the lucky winner to go to Russia to see the FIFA World Cup live”. We just can’t stop jumping at the mere idea of it.
Coca-Cola is too compassionate about spreading happiness this year – the lucky winners will be announced everyday over a course of 30 days. So all you have to do is keep your spirits up, keep praying and of course keep trying! You have 30 chances and the probability might work out in your favour! Be persistent, it might be the key to unlock your lady luck this time.

Coca-Cola has already announced a few winners on its social media pages, keep checking, may be the next up in the queue to be announced is your own name!

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Digital technologies are radically transforming the traveling business and the airports around the world. This technology, integrated with new self-service solutions, now offers the means to address today’s security challenges, the search for enhanced quality of service.

The today’s challenges

Over the last two decades, the world has changed completely different political and economic upheavals have led to a change in air travel practices. Airports are now taking into account increasingly strict security demands and stricter passenger controls.
At another level, air transport is a key facilitating factor for the economy. Business and tourist travel are a source of wealth and job creation. The travel sector (airports, airlines, national and international authorities, the security industry) find themselves confronted with decisive requirements: to provide fluidity for “reliable” passengers, limit waiting times and passenger delays, reinforce controls to counter potential threats, all of this while containing costs.

Biometrics and the traveler identity

According to the International Air Transport Association, there will be nearly four billion air passengers in 2017 and this number is set to double over the next 20 years. The travel industry is now discovering the tremendous potential of biometrics, which goes far beyond strictly security-related applications, dipping into creating a 360-degree view of each traveler, allowing them to KYC.

The idea is for the travellers to be able to authenticate themselves once and for all, either on their mobile device or at an airport kiosk, and generate a sole secure identity that will be used throughout the whole journey.
The shape of travel to come: A full end-to-end self-service experience thanks to biometrics

Over the past 15 years, airports and airlines have very widely opted for the deployment of automatic systems with the aim of freeing up bottlenecks in passenger flows – which can be a very problematic issue at peak times – by simplifying the check-in process.

The UAE is already in the forefront of these implementations; think how this is going to play an instrumental part, as Dubai prepares to host the next Expo in 2020 and expecting millions of travellers passing through the airport on a daily basis.

Biometrics play a key role, as taking these automated services far beyond. A unique profile can be created at the beginning of the journey, face or fingerprint will be scanned, and used as the identity token for verification for the rest of the journey. Thanks to biometrics, everyone effectively carries their own means of authorization.


All these initiatives reflect the current trend towards greater automation of control procedures. The modern-day traveller in fact spends a lot of time surfing the web, sending messages, updating on the latest news, etc. So booking a flight, checking in, boarding, smiling at the camera on their phone to access it, and so on, look like a logical extension of lifestyle habits initiated by all these new technologies.

With 1,000 million electronic passports now in service worldwide, which means one billion passport photos accessible by face recognition systems, the e-gates mentioned above represent the most promising biometric solution, and they are already a reality in an increasing number of airports. Recent studies have confirmed time savings of the order of 80 per cent thanks to automated check-in and security procedures.

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Maldives is one of the most favorite holiday destinations for the people across the globe. The adventure of visiting the island starts when you are on the flight. The view out from the plans window will overwhelm you. Beautiful palm trees and stunning white sandy beaches welcome you to this deluxe destination.

The captivate view of archipelago of green and white island will thrill you with its many small islands boarded with the blue sea. Bight and amazing coral reefs full of tropical marine life ready to be explored, but first let us just discuss the capital city Male.


The locals are so welcoming and the city is well-resourced in both Dhivehi and English. Male is the most populous island with many must visit historic places. If you are planning to visit do ask your tour operator to stay in Hulumale it is a beach facing hotel and a day trip to Cinnamon Dhonveli island resort which has an island for itself shaped like open arms. It has all the relaxation you need and rest to sure that you will return re energized.


If you are a true nature lover Maldives is truly elegant and it’s all about the sunny side of life. If you want to really experience the true “Maldivian Vibe” you should try their food. Seafood, spices and coconut play a vital role in their cooking. There is a lot to do in Maldives even if you are not that person how just lay under the sun. You can explore boat cruises with snorkeling. You should also visit the grand Friday mosque, male fish market, national museum all sorts of water sports are must to do.


One common species that you will find in the Maldives is the grand whale sharks, they appear in the deeper waters and will leave you fascinated. Maldives is a place which will give you exactly the time out you are looking for. It is a place for love birds and honeymooning couples.

couple 2

Watch enchanting ocean sunsets, followed by a very relaxing massage and romantic dinner, we assure you it will feel like paradise! It is a place that leave a lasting impression on your memories.

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The United Arab Emirate needs no introduction. It is a country of unmatched and exceptional architecture. In last 40/50 years it has emerged as the capital of the Arab world. Its visionary leaders have built it as one of the most modern country across. Equipped with amazing infrastructure. The country has some of the most beautiful, breathtaking and lavish buildings, train network, hotels, and theme parks as well and Ferrari world is the most prominent of them.

Ferrari World is one of the largest tourist attractions in the UAE plus it is the world largest indoor theme park and the only one that had been branded with Ferrari. If you love theme park and Ferrari this is your heaven. With mind blowing Ferrari themed attractions the design is inspired by Ferrari GT. It is located in the Yes Island (Abu Dhabi).

1) The Arena

If the Ferrari world is turned upright, it will be the tallest man made structure on the planet. It has the largest ever Ferrari logo on the roof top measuring 65m.


2) The structure of Ferrari world

In Total to create this structure it required 12, 370 ton of steel where as the great Eiffel tower needed 7000, this amazing theme park includes 1200 dining seat, 7 football fields can fit in.


3) World fastest roller-coaster

Prepare to get blasted “Formula Rossa” is the world fastest roller coaster can reach up to 240 km in 4.9 sec.


4) The RED Show

RED is a theatrical masterpiece not to be missed. Includes dancing, BMX biking, mega wheels, acrobatics and much more.


5) Art of Ferrari

Discover different facts and stats about all cars learn about the history and making of Ferrari. Cars from 1947 to the latest model or on display.


6) Flying Aces

With the world highest roller-coaster loop, Flying aces is one amazing ride. Speed up to 120km. The theme is enthused by the legendary ‘ace of aces’ aviator.



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If you love to travel and always looking to explore new lands, languages, culture and people well this piece of writing is for you. Travel restrictions and visa is one concern that all travelers face especially if you are applying from Pakistan. According to the visa restriction index 2016, Pakistani passport is second worst passport in terms of the power it holds or freedom it gives to its holder. Well lets not be dishearten with that if you are a travel bird and wants to travel around the world you can enjoy about 29 countries that allow Pakistanis without or (on arrival) visa.

Every journey starts with a first step. We have listed down five most amazing countries with stunning landscapes and nature that are visa free for Pakistan.

Travel bird’s eye candy that are visa free from Pakistan


Seychelles, Visa free from Pakistan

Republic of Seychelles is a country in the Indian Ocean and consists of 115 islands whose capital is “Victoria”. With beautiful and refreshing beaches, it is an amazing place for water sports lovers. If you like to hike and explore, Seychelles is a place which will give you some crazy adventure.

Currency: Seychellois rupee
Exchange Rate: 8 +/- PKR / 1 SR
Visa: On arrival (for Pakistani citizens)
Official languages: French, English, Seselwa
Documents: Return ticket, accommodation confirmation, funds details.

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago, Visa free from Pakistan

If not all but most of the Pakistani’s are familiar with a name or country called “West Indies”, mostly because of its cricket team. But only a few know, it’s not a country it’s a group of islands and Trinidad and Tobago is one of them in the Caribbean. It has some of the most spectacular views and beaches. Popular beaches in Trinidad are Maracas, Tyrico. Trinidad has a great night life, there are quite a few nightclubs in Port of Spain the capital.

Currency: TTD (Trinidad and Tobago dollar)
Exchange Rate: 15 +/-PKR / 1 TT$
Visa: No Visa required for Pakistani’s
Official languages:  English
Departure fee applied: 77 TT$
Documents: Return ticket, accommodation confirmation, funds details

Commonwealth of Dominica

Commonwealth of Dominica, Visa free from Pakistan

Dominica is also a beautiful small Caribbean island nation which is visa free for Pakistani’s; it is also known as “The Nature Island of the Caribbean” due to fabulous lush and wonderful views of the mountains. If you love to see water fall then you will defiantly like Middleham Falls and Victoria falls. If you like hiking there is a place to see named as the “boiling lake”

Currency: East Caribbean dollar
Exchange Rate: 38 +/-PKR / 1 ECD
Visa: No Visa required for Pakistani’s
Official languages:  English
Departure fee applied: EC$59 or US$23
Documents: Return ticket, accommodation confirmation, funds details.


Vanuatu, Visa free from Pakistan

Vanuatu is an island nation in north of New Zealand and consisting on approximately 83 islands with a tropical weather. This small nation is one beautiful tourist destination and it’s visa free on Pakistani passport. With a tropical weather Vanuatu provide amazing adventures, the major attraction is the mountain volcano of tanna and Coolidge dive in Santo

Currency: Vatu (VT)
Exchange Rate: 0.9 +/-PKR / 1 VT
Visa: Visa (on arrival)
Official languages:  English
Departure fee applied: not applied
Documents: Return ticket, accommodation confirmation, funds details


Maldives, Visa free from Pakistan

And the last and not the least is Maldives another island nation in the south west of India. Maldives has one of the most easy entry policies in the world, almost everyone gets a visa on arrival (Pakistan included). If you love diving and snorkeling then Maldives is an excellent destination with water clear as crystal.

Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa
Exchange Rate: 7 +/-PKR / 1 MR
Visa: Visa (on arrival)
Official languages:  English
Departure fee applied: not applied
Documents: Return ticket, accommodation confirmation, funds details

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Karachi is not only the largest city in Pakistan, but it is one of the largest urban agglomerations in the world. Just like every city has its own direction, dimension, language and culture. Karachi is a the center of attraction for all and holds a lot of uniqueness and most of them are quite interesting as well. For instance; lets just take some names of the areas, streets and roundabouts of the city. What’s interesting that you’ll find all sorts of names driven from animals, places and even things. Well doesn’t that makes it a perfect definition of noun?

Lets discover Karachi with its names

Karachi has its villages(Ghot), towns, districts(Kasbay) ..

Yes Karachi is a city, but we have Gaoun, ghot, kasbaas, and towns.
“Wait what”? . Yes we have Kasba Colony, Kasba Mour, Orangi Town, Sarjani Town, Gadap Town. Usually village is what is opposite of a city, But Karachi is a mother of quite a few villages (Ghots). We have all famous Surab Ghot and Pahalwan Ghot, Safura Ghot, Angara Ghot, Jumma Ghot, Yousuf Ghot, Fakira Ghot, Mamon Ghot, Ibrahim Hadri Ghot, Chanasir Ghot”.


Well these names does not stop there. We have Goli Mar, Lalu Khat, Soo (100) quarters which is apparently half English and half Urdu. Then we have Lasbayla, Chota-Maydan, Bara-Maydan, Landhi, Korangi, Chakhi Wara, Numaish.

This is Karachi for you. There will not be these kind of names in any other city in the world.


Lets get down to streets, neighborhood and roundabouts.

Not only Karachi own Ghots, Towns and Kasbas. We have quite interesting and unique names for our streets, neighborhood and roundabouts. For streets we have Bottle Gali, Sarafa Gali, Mochi Gali and yes Khachi Gali. In Urdu Churaha usually means a 4 way intersection, but hardly anyone calls it Churaha any more, everyone calls it Chorangi and when there are Chorangis there are names. Quite weird ones as well!
We have Nagan Chorangi not sure where that comes from. We also have Noras Chorangi, Chamra Chorangi, Gani Chorangi, Qalandiriya Chorangi and the all star of them all “Five-Star Chorangi”.


The turns

Every city in the world have roads and all sort of roads have turns. Usually known as left turn/right turn/ U turn. But in Karachi we have names for these turns as well. We have D ka Mor, Mochi Mor, and yes all famous “ANDA MOR” (egg roundabout)

You might have heard about quite a few colorful things in life, but no city in the world has schools named on colors like karachi has. We have Kala school (Black school), Peela school (Yellow school), Lal school (Red school), Safayd school (White school).

And then comes karachi’s interesting Chai Dhaba’s (Cafes) which are referred as to hotels; Chirag Hotel, Lackpati Hotel, Achanak Hotel, Apna Hotel. And not to forget Sindhi Hotel (The twins! one of them is in Liaquatabad and the other in New Karachi).

Name Name Name and Names..

Karachi has all kinds of markets. We have Kali Market (Black Market), Lal Market (Red Market), Shu Market (probably Shoe Market), Khada Market (SERIOUSLY!) Jackson Market, Jaama Cloth, Kakzi Bazaar.

The word “Aaram” in urdu means rest and “Bahg” means garden and when you combine these words you will have a word “Aaram Bahg”. A normal person will think it is some place or garden where to rest but “Nooooooo” its a furniture market in Karachi “TADAA”.

Number names .

There are areas in karachi which are known by number like Korangi Dhai (Korangi 2 1/2), Naye karachi pach number ( New karachi number 5), Landhi 6 number, and the most interesting is Do mint ki Chorangi (two minutes round about).

Karachities have their unique love for power houses and water pumps they have at least named a couple of areas after them. With that we have Parye, Nalay, and Jumps with names as well like we have Bangali Para, Bhans Para, Gujjar Nala, Nasir jump. Karachiite are also obsessed with there bus stops like W11 ka Akhiri stop, 4k Ka Stop plus we have Nala stop “WOHOO”.


Animals are defined as (any such living organism other than a human being) this is what Google tell us, but Karachi gives its due respect to animals as well. For that we have human colonies with animal/insects names we have Machar Colony (mosquito colony), Bhans Colony.

No offence to English


Where there are so many local names. There are quite a few areas which have pure English names such as Empress Market, Bolton Market, Napier Road, Clifton, Defense, Bath Island, Garden east Garden West and the hot spot sea view.

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Balochistan is the biggest provinces of Pakistan as per the land area it covers. The history of Balochistan tells us that it was home to one of the oldest civilization in the world. Researchers and archaeologist reports that the civilization uses to cultivate and had trade agreements with other ancient civilizations such as Babylon.
Balochistan also has some amazing nature, sites and it’s a land of mixture from mountains to huge plains. From the hottest area of sibi to relatively cooler places like Quetta and Ziarat. These dissimilarities of the arrangement of natural and artificial features of Balochistan make it unique and amazing.

We have tried to list five craziest places in Balochistan that will definitely shock you with its beauty.

Astola Island

Astola is one of the most beautiful and the largest island of Pakistan in the district Gawadar. It is a uninhibited island. The length of the island is approximately 6.2 km and the width of 2.3km. According to a research Astola Island is identified as a ‘hotspot’ of coral and marine life diversity in Pakistan.

Astola-Island - Balochistan

For tourist, it is quite a hard destination to reach as there are virtually no facilities to lodge. Astola is 39 kilometer south east of Pasni.

Hingol National Park

In the South west of Bela and along the Makran Costal, the beautiful Hingol national park is located. With its breath taking landscapes and views is a great deal of difference and verity of present in the ecosystem, with dangerous wildlife make it one of the most exciting places for adventure.

Hingol NP - Balochistan

Gawadar City

Gawadar is newly rising port city located in the Makran division of Balochistan province. Gawadar is known for its amazing blue beach spots with white send. It is a city with so much cultural diversity where muslims, christens, hindus, parsis and people from different religious background live together.

Gawadar - Balochistan

Hanna Lake

The beautiful Hanna Lake is located near the capital city of Balochistan, Quetta. Hanna Lake is the start of Urak valley and it is one of the pioneer tourist destinations near the Quetta city.

Hanna Lake - Balochistan

With spectacular landscapes and views are picturesque, the island in the middle can be reached by a boat.

Kund Malir

Considered as one of the best beaches in the world, Kund Malir is located in the Hingol national park on the Makran Costal highway.

kund malir - Balochistan

If you are leaving form Kund Malir from Karachi, it will take four an half hours to reach there. Lack basic facilities like hotels, fuel, mobile services but for travel lover and natural beauty enthusiast Kund Malir can be a breath taking adventure.

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Birthplace of “Gautama Buddha” and home of the largest mountain peak in the world “The mount Everest” Nepal is one of the most exciting places in the world to spend your vacations. If you are a mountain valley and nature lover Nepal is a hotspot destination for the travelers who loves mountains and rock climbing.
Located along with the mighty Himalayans Mountains, the country promises some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, Nepal has a diverse culture with centuries old temples, holy places and shrines with colorful festivals.

Nepal can be an adrenaline adventure, a cultural eye opener, or a life-changing experience, depending on the itinerary and the mindset of the traveler.

An overview of the finest places to visit in Nepal is as follows.

The Capital (Kathmandu)

Katmandu is not only the largest city but also the capital of this nature full country. The old street markets, and beautiful architecture are a gorgeous and charming embrace for the travelers.


Katmandu located at the height of 4600ft has some breathtaking views and the city is the main junction for all main attractions in the city.

Mount Everest (The Base Camp)

The great mount Everest, the highest mountain on the planet reaches up to (29000 plus feet) located in Nepal, As it will be not feasible for everyone to conquer it, but the experience of visiting the base camp is an equal accomplishment for the tourist.


Nagar kot

In the north east of bhuktapur, located in the beautiful Himalayas the village of Nagar kit offers an amazing beauty of the mountains and views of Kathmandu city.



A heaven for trekkers Pokhara is positioned 200 kilometers west of the capital Kathmandu. Home of few of the largest mountains in the world.


Pokhara is second in terms of population after Kathmandu, but the pleasant climate and people doesn’t make you feel like it’s a big city. With a cluster of lakes and lakeside hotels and restaurants make it a perfect place for relaxation.

Chitwan National Park

The experience of chitwan national park will make you see the diversity of nepals beauty. established in 1973 and recognized as WHS World Heritage Site in 1984.


This is one amazing destination in regards to wildlife exploration. There are a number of full ranged resort and hotels providing jeep and elephant rides and Safaris.


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