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Technology is continuously rewriting the way business is done in the past. Competition is fierce in the digital world, across all segments. The new generation agencies or digital transformation companies as they call them are helping clients to navigate the space of technological change impacting their business by allowing them to interact with their customers in a meaningful way.

In the above regards Tecticx is one company that is aiding clients through understanding their business need by following the tactical approach of right technique, right transformation and most importantly the right technology that leads them towards their strategic goals.

Reality is a currency of emotions, though this currency and with a skilled team, Tecticx can add value in client products, processes and ideas.

Getting online is easy. Succeeding online is a different, Tecticx is a result driven digital solution provider that help build and empower brands, companies and businesses through technique, technology and transformation.

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As a human being I understand the importance of communication and keeping in contact but as a parent, I feel very strongly about the topic and, in my opinion, I believe children should not have their own mobile phone until they’re at least 12 or 13 years old.

Technology is taking its toll in all aspects of life and we understand that time has changed, technology has changed and children often use iPads before they can even learn to walk and talk. But there has to be a reason behind everything and there is no reason that a child under the age of 12 or 13 needs a mobile phone.
The reasons i think why are given below

Not having a cell phone is not the end of the world; my opinion as a parent that kids is not supposed to be on social media so there goes that argument. Moreover, why would someone under that age need to be posted on social media and opening themselves up to another avenue of bullying? We are supposed to protect our children, not expose them.


I believe once a child begins to grown-up and can be given a little bit of freedom and independence to, let’s say, they visit a mall with friends or go to the nearby park without their parents, then I think it’s fair play to give them a mobile phone message or call mum or dad if need be. But before that? Forget it!

insdie pic 1

I seriously understand the importance, but what I really want my kids to enjoy their childhood without the need of a mobile phone so that they can leave it up to its fullest I also understand that there will be pressure from friends, For now, they can play with their toys, read their books and just enjoy being kids and having fun.

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Digital technologies are radically transforming the traveling business and the airports around the world. This technology, integrated with new self-service solutions, now offers the means to address today’s security challenges, the search for enhanced quality of service.

The today’s challenges

Over the last two decades, the world has changed completely different political and economic upheavals have led to a change in air travel practices. Airports are now taking into account increasingly strict security demands and stricter passenger controls.
At another level, air transport is a key facilitating factor for the economy. Business and tourist travel are a source of wealth and job creation. The travel sector (airports, airlines, national and international authorities, the security industry) find themselves confronted with decisive requirements: to provide fluidity for “reliable” passengers, limit waiting times and passenger delays, reinforce controls to counter potential threats, all of this while containing costs.

Biometrics and the traveler identity

According to the International Air Transport Association, there will be nearly four billion air passengers in 2017 and this number is set to double over the next 20 years. The travel industry is now discovering the tremendous potential of biometrics, which goes far beyond strictly security-related applications, dipping into creating a 360-degree view of each traveler, allowing them to KYC.

The idea is for the travellers to be able to authenticate themselves once and for all, either on their mobile device or at an airport kiosk, and generate a sole secure identity that will be used throughout the whole journey.
The shape of travel to come: A full end-to-end self-service experience thanks to biometrics

Over the past 15 years, airports and airlines have very widely opted for the deployment of automatic systems with the aim of freeing up bottlenecks in passenger flows – which can be a very problematic issue at peak times – by simplifying the check-in process.

The UAE is already in the forefront of these implementations; think how this is going to play an instrumental part, as Dubai prepares to host the next Expo in 2020 and expecting millions of travellers passing through the airport on a daily basis.

Biometrics play a key role, as taking these automated services far beyond. A unique profile can be created at the beginning of the journey, face or fingerprint will be scanned, and used as the identity token for verification for the rest of the journey. Thanks to biometrics, everyone effectively carries their own means of authorization.


All these initiatives reflect the current trend towards greater automation of control procedures. The modern-day traveller in fact spends a lot of time surfing the web, sending messages, updating on the latest news, etc. So booking a flight, checking in, boarding, smiling at the camera on their phone to access it, and so on, look like a logical extension of lifestyle habits initiated by all these new technologies.

With 1,000 million electronic passports now in service worldwide, which means one billion passport photos accessible by face recognition systems, the e-gates mentioned above represent the most promising biometric solution, and they are already a reality in an increasing number of airports. Recent studies have confirmed time savings of the order of 80 per cent thanks to automated check-in and security procedures.

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One of the world most popular messaging service WhatsApp now owned by Facebook Inc, experienced a major global outage on Wednesday that lasted for more than a few hours before being resolved.

According to Reuters WhatsApp was down in Canada, the United States and Brazil. All sort of users was affected who use the service on Apple Inc’s iOS operating system, Alphabet Inc’s Android and Microsoft Corp’s Windows mobile OS.

The company said “Earlier today, WhatsApp users in all parts of the world were unable to access WhatsApp for a few hours. We have now fixed the issue and apologise for the inconvenience,” WhatsApp said in an email late Wednesday afternoon.

WhatsApp was down for about two and a half hours. Many users switched to rival system Telegram, which has picked up millions of customers. WhatsApp’s is used by more than 1.2 billion people around the world and is a key tool for communications and commerce in many countries.

Many took to Twitter to ask if others were facing connectivity issues as well:

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Facebook has already rolled its own version of live TV with facebook live feature, but now it’s all ready to come up with live radio.

Earlier this week social network giant announced “Live Audio Streaming” that will be used for broadcasting radio shows, podcasts will have new online distribution for their episodes, Book authors can do book reading, News anchors could broadcast audio from disaster zones where the bandwidth is too low for video streaming and much more. With this option just like live video streaming users can tune into the live audio streaming and can also interact with it as they would a live video stream. Similarly they can post comments and send reactions.

The new feature comes as an alternative to a set of tool that lets people stream live video at the social network. “We know that sometimes publishers want to tell a story on Facebook with words and not video,” FB product specialist Shirley Ip and software engineer Bhavana Radhakrishnan said in a blog post.

For now Android users will be able to listen even if the switch from Facebook or lock their devices. On the other side iPhone and iPad users will not be able to listen by existing the Facebook app or lock their phone and keep on listening. But they can cruise around within Facebook without losing the stream. An audio-streaming option will be a great and useful feature in the areas where telecommunication network have difficulty covering the larger data such as video streaming. Listeners will find out live audio content in their Facebook news feed.

Currently it is unclear whether the Audio broadcasts can be available after the live streaming has ended and if yes can we play the on demand version in the back ground.

For now, Live Audio is being tested with only a few Page owners, including TV and radio broadcaster BBC World Service, British radio station LBC, book publisher Harper Collins and authors Adam Grant and Britt Bennett.
Facebook plans to open it up to more people and Pages next year, the company said.

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With Sleek and light design Samsung notebook 9 carries the hottest notebook technology. Samsung have refreshed its 13 and 15 inches notebook 9 series laptops with “Kaby Lake Processors”. With this processor refresh Samsung has also brought changes in the design and it has been upgraded. There will be no metallic look, more curved chassis and the bezels is still on the thin side. The tweaks mean the Notebook 9 is now closer to 2 pounds for the 15-inch model, and just 1.8 pounds for the 13-inch version.

Samsung notebook 9 now offers more efficient performance and movability to go. These machines are durable and can survive heat with its thermal and shocks resistant. With 180 degree display reclines the versatile Samsung notebook also makes it easy to share stuff.

More Efficient Performance with Notebook 9

The machine is equipped with 7th generation “Intel Core i5 and i7 processors” making it an amazingly power pack device. The connectivity features includes solution to peer to peer sharing with other devices through which users can easily share data.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Security is a top priority these days for all devices notebook 9 contains a built-in fingerprint sensor plus a support to windows hello, which help users to log into different devices without inputting the password.


The battery of the new enhanced Samsung notebook 9 last up to 7 hour which covers a complete working day. By turning it to quick charge you can fully charge your laptop in 80 minutes.

Exceptional Display Technology

A remarkable full high definition display with true bright and accurate colors. Samsung notebook 9 have taken the viewing and observing experience to new levels with much more higher level of brightness, wide angle screen and stunning colors. Plus the outdoor mode immediately increase the clarity of the display when working under direct sun.

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Everyone knows about the Apple’s voice assistant Siri accessible on iOS devices. People usually think it is good for searching stuff, but she is far more competent then people actually think.

Initially she is a bit hard to get along with but with time you will realize that she is extremely helpful and practical. Apart from looking up for stuff siri can perform pretty wide range of tasks; She will become accustom to your personal language and with more utilization it will also modify itself and produce results individually according to your needs.

In this piece of writing, we want to go through and bring to light seven very useful things that Siri can do.

Controlling Non-Apple Apps

Siri is more powerful than ever, it got way smarter with iOS 10. One of the major advantage and change is that it finally controls third party apps, you can now tell her to call an Uber or send money through venom.


From phone to Mac

Siri is now integrated with Mac, and it will perform all the same tasks it use to perform on your phone, you can now even ask her to show you the document that you were working on last night.


Random Number; Siri will roll a dice

Lose the dice that comes with your favorite board game? Siri can help, just ask it to roll a dice and it will randomly generate a number. It can flip a coin for you as well.



You can change the accent and gender of siri’s voice as per you liking. Plus you can make a protocol for siri to only respond on your voice.


Siri knows what flies above you

This is one awesome feature; ask siri “What planes are flying above me right now?”


It will provide you with all the details about destinations and even displays a map of where they are headed.

Calling people

Great option when you are driving and want to use your device hands free, you can simply tell her who to call and she will connect. You can even tell her to call the person on speaker phone so you do not have to look at your phone again and again.


Besides this you can even get your calling history redial any call you missed and even check your voice mail.

Searching emails

Do not want to find a particular email? Tell siri she will find it for you, she can search by date, sender subject or sender if you want to. Not only it will hunt your down, it will read them to you as well.


Further more, you can ask her to respond to email or send new emails.

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It’s November and people are getting their hands on the new and improved PS4 called the PS4 Pro. This latest 4K* HDR gaming console packs up more than it costs. With a price tag of only 400$ the beast of a console is fueled with twice the power of GPU than its predecessor. Here are 3 things PS4 Pro does best compared to the original PS4.

More Power More TFs

The original PS4 produced 1.84 Teraflops of performance while the new and improvement PS4 Pro performs 4.2 Teraflops. For those who don’t know about T-flops, it’s just a fancy word. It basically means much better graphics now So yes, we needed that.


Better Processing Speed and Ram

The PS4 Pro has a boosted processing speed by 23% and a bigger hard drive of 1TB. Apart from 8 gigs of GDDR5 ram, Sony has stack Pro with an extra 1 gigs of ram for background apps like Netflix, YouTube. SO We can all have smoother transitions of going from games to home for checking out other apps.


Better VR Games With PS4 Pro

In virtual reality the player has the choice to go close to the objects even pick them up and examine them. These are extremely high-res textures but the game play is slow. In a conventional (frame per second) you’re most likely sprinting down a hallway blasting guns at 50 opponents. Details don’t matter much but with Virtual reality you move slowly.


With PS4 Pro’s enhanced loading speed gives speedy transformation form one scene to another and reduce the texture pops and loads high –res texture more quickly.


So now that we have the first ever 4K* HDR gaming console out, do we really need PC gaming? Considering Microsoft bringing their A game this coming summers 2017 with a powerful console, even powerful than PS4 Pro with 6 Teraflops of computing power.

What do you think about the war of console and PC gaming will it die, are consoles finally taking over the market? Leave your thoughts on the comments below.

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Communication is life and life is communication, high speed technological development is changing ways and means to communicate and reaching out; future is something much brighter then what we thought. Currently we are living in the era of social interaction and collaboration and the medium in use are never been faster.

We cannot be sure about anything in the future, it can be as good as we thought or as bad as we fear but one thing is for sure that there will be change and this change will take its toll.

We all will have to adapt towards this change and develop mechanism that will help us. One industry that is dynamically changing and will change our way of life is telecommunications.

Currently we are still getting hold with 4G speeds on our smart phones, but in the future we hope to see driver-less cars and drones that will be delivering us pizza and they all will be connected with one technology of Fifth generation or 5G.

Here are five interesting aspects to fulfill your thrust for future technology of 5G.

Incredibly fast speed

5G technologies will be 100 times faster than 4G. Imagine downloading a full length movie within seconds. Increased speed will depend on how companies will adapt to MWT (millimeter wave technology) which enable the signals to travel smaller distances.


It will just not be the increased speed of services, But it will also be mechanism that will create, handle maintain enormous number of devices.

Internet of things and 5G

The future of internet is the ‘internet of things’ which is described as inter-connectivity of physical objects. Fifth generation technology will be way much faster and smarter to access the devices and devices accessing the internet.


From a smart Air conditioner, CCTVs, billing meters to driver-less cars all will be busy sharing and connected through data all the times.

Greater than before Bandwidth

5G will be more focused on the requirement of connection capacity.


It will provide 1000 time more capacity, which will provide incredibly fast speed for downloading and accessing the internet from different devices.

Where you can find it first

With high level of government support Chinese and Japanese are ahead of North America and Europe for developing such technology. These countries are already consume high level of 4G networks.


Wireless stream like Never before


Virtual gaming will go to next level with the amazing speed of 5G. Picture yourself playing a virtual game with your friends across other countries of the world or visiting Niagara fall from the comfort of your living room with ridiculously high speed wireless streaming content through your VR handset.


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Today Google is something which is practically everywhere and it will be really hard for us to imagine our personal and professional life without searching stuff on internet. With all its knowledge this mighty search engine is running your life.

While searching for information about anything or anyone Google knows almost everything about us, but there are quite a few things we do not know about this searching hub.

Below are some Astonishing details

If a Googler dies, spouse will get paid for a decade

Well, yes you read it right, if in an unfortunate event a company employee dies. The spouse will get a half of the pay cheque of their partner salary for 10 years plus the kids will get 1000$ every year from the company till they get to 19.

As the vice president of people operation described in an article in forbes“.

tombstone-cash 1

Google owns a Dinosaur

Dinosaurs might have lived like 200 million years ago on earth, but these guys manage to get their own at the Googleplex. It is a skeleton of a gigantic T-Rex nicknamed “Stan”.

Googleplex 1

Google in 2001

Google logo has gone through a lot of changes, iterations over the years, apparently in the year 2001 the logo was not even centered because the founder were not fond of Hypertext markup Language.


The Noogler

Joining a new office in a new place is an intimidating task, but at google its a bit more, newly joined employees are called Nooglers and they had to wear this rainbow cap with Noogler written on it.

noogler 1

Internet apocalypse

In 2013 was down for 5 minutes and it was reported it resulted in 40% down on the internet traffic.

power cut

All the services that the company provides were out, and the analyst calls it “the internet apocalypse” as there is a huge reliance on Google’s platform from all the internet users.

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