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There was that time when elders use to say that you should not eat between the meals well, that myth has long gone now and the current thinking says you should be snacking every couple of hours for a metabolism boost.
But the next through in mind is that it will make me gain weight.

File_1295_benefits of dry fruits

In real scene snacking actually is good for you as it keeps your metabolism at an all-time high. Which means your sugar in your blood does not dip dangerously which, in fact help you to make sensible decisions when it comes to the next meal.
What really matters is what you choose for snaking and it largely decides whether snacking is good or bad for you. Here are top five tips for snacking right

The right snacks:

The best thing you can do is to get rid of all the cupboards and desk drawers of all crisps, muffins, candy bars and other processed foods .Instead, keep handy the following: unsalted, unroasted nuts, fruits, seeds and raisins or dates for that sugar fix.


Eat only when you feel hungry:

You should wait for it wait till your tummy signals that you are hungry. Then you can grab a handful of healthy snacks and enjoy.

Keep yourself hydrated:

Sometimes, thirst can be misinterpreted by your body as hunger.


Do your system a favour and have a glass of water every time you feel a little peckish and then have your snack.

Overindulge NO:

Overindulging in any thing are bad even healthy snacks have their calories. So we can indulge right in and, 10 minutes later, the entire jar of nuts or seeds have disappeared. Be mindful and make little packets or portions of your snacks – that way, you will not overindulge.

Carry your snacks:

It is always a good idea to keep or carry your little snack bags with you. This will ensure you do not get tempted with all the nasties around you that consist of sugar and other processed foods!

keep your stuf

Now that you know these tips on snacking right, fit them in your daily life and find yourself full with energy.

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Want to bring back the magic between you and your spouse and renew your love life after years of marriage. Here are some proven tips to keep the spark alive between you two.

Kids are not the end of the World:

Becoming a parent is always been a wonderful thing but usually after having kids, couples tend to ignore needs and expectation of each other. Because the upbringing of the kid take all the time and there is virtually no time left for each other. Creating a balance life is an important factor between your kids and your partner.


its a fact that people are more involved in making money and get stressed out with kids but you cannot ignore your partner.

Forget about quality time try spend more time together:

The world has changed and in today’s world, most of the couples are working and they have busy schedules. And so, couples can’t spend more quality time together. Therefore, both should work together to make a matching routine, so that the couples should spend most of the free time together.


Try find a time when you can discuss your daily routine and your life goals with each there, so the factor of involvement remains the same. Make time zone when you can talk to each other, may be drop her to the office some day, or just pick her up and take her to a dinner. The important fact is to spend QUALITY time together and express opinions freely.

Explore new stuff together:

A monotonous life after marriage can lead to many problems between the couple. The repetition of same old routine can make marriage boring. The key is to keep it alive by trying new things from time to time by respecting and sharing each other hobbies, fantasies and life dreams. This can be done by planning a vacation together or even a long romantic drive after a long tiring day.


Commonly, couples stop having sex or be intimate after having kids and get busy in their own lives. Usually, the wife spends time at home taking care of the kids while the husband stays busy in financing the growing expenses of children; especially education. This can lead to frustration between husband and wife. The couples should focus on their own relationship and try not to neglect each other’s needs.

Hangout with Friends:

It is important to keep your personality even after the stresses of married life. Hanging out with your friends alone and with your spouse will ignite a spark between the two of you.


He will see how perky, spontaneous and witty you are, something you might be lacking in day to day life. Spending time with friends is both relaxing and it revitalizes the life in you.

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Talking to people can be difficult. Talking to strangers especially is an art. But don’t worry there are some steps you can take to make it easier for anyone. Here are some ways to start a conversation with anyone.

1. General Information:

Everyone loves to be helpful, it feels good. Asking someone a question you already know the answer to is a great way to start a dialogue.

asking info

2. Asking what they thing about anything:

It could be about a movie, a song, a restaurant or even about a speech by a political party. People like knowing others are interested in what they have to say.


3. Passing remark:

Their briefcase, tie, shirt or any article of clothing comment on how nice it is and where they got it from. It starts the conversation on a positive note.


4. Pay Attention:

Don’t listen just to reply but actually, listen to what the other person is saying. They’ll give you a lot of things to ask follow-up questions about.

pay attencion

5. Ask about where they come from:

Ask about where they went to school or worked at find some similarities or common friends or acquaintances you both might have.

wher eyou from

6. Find middle ground:

When listening try and find common grounds to continue your conversation about. Mentioning the common ground you both have will make you memorable.


7. Easy Question:

Don’t ask yes or no questions ask questions have follow-up questions to keep the conversation flowing. Even if its a “why”?. But don’t keep asking why because it gets annoying and makes you seem like a 3-year-old.


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Finally the holy month of ramzan is here, while it is filled with goodness, this year ramazan falls at the peak of summer. It is highly important that we should maintain our energy levels and avoid the unhealthy option that come with the month.
As we all know that in this holy month our diets gets totally altered, and we eat only during Sahar (pre-dawn) and Iftar (at sunset). While it’s a good idea to consume low Glycaemic Index (GI) items, As such both these meals form an essential part of fasting, it is important that your meal in both sahar and iftar should be well balanced and contain items from each food group, such as vegetables, cereals, meat, dairy products and fruits.

Sahar needs to be wholesome to provide enough energy that can last the whole day. It is vital that you pay high level of attention on the selection of food.


Foods to eat during Sahar

Protein rich food: One of the most nutritious and proteins full thing to eat in sahar is Eggs. They not only help you to stay fuller, but can be made in several ways to suit your taste buds.

Fibre rich food: Oat meal is rich in fibre and a perfect meal your body needs during Suhoor. Soluble fibre turns to gel in the stomach and slows digestion, which helps lower cholesterol and blood glucose, perfect to keep you energised throughout your fast.

Calcium and vitamin rich food: Dairy products are a great source of nutrition. Opt for a yoghurt smoothie or choose a vanilla and honey milk shake to stay full and hydrated throughout the day.

Foods not to eat during sahar

Simple or refined carbohydrates: these are food that last only 3 to 4 hours and they are low in essential nutrients Such as: sugars, white flour, pastries, donuts, croissants.

Salty food: imbalance of sodium levels in your body makes you very thirsty while fasting so try to avoid salted nuts, pickles, chips and food that contain soya sauce.

Caffeinated drinks: Coffee has caffeine which leads to insomnia and restlessness. In addition, it doesn’t hydrate and keeps you longing for water the whole day.

As Sahar is important, eating routine during Iftar cannot be ignored as well. Hence, it is important to create a balance diet habit during Ramzan to break the fast that ensuring the essential nutritional needs.


Foods to eat during Iftar

Potassium rich fruits: Dates are nutrient powerhouses and excellent food-item to break your fast. It not only helps you hydrate quickly, but gives you instant energy to make you feel rejuvenated after the long-hours of fasting.

Sufficient fluids: Drink as much water or fruit juices as possible between Iftar and bedtime to avoid dehydration
Raw nuts: Almonds contain good fats which are essential, particularly when your body has been craving for fats after the long-hours of fasting. It is a perfect Iftar item which helps you feel full and in control, without the need to binge.

Hydrating vegetables: Cucumbers, lettuce, and other vegetables are high in fibre and laden with the goodness of hydrating properties. It not only helps your body feel cool, but is also a great choice to keep you skin healthy and avoid constipation during Ramadan.

Foods not to eat during Iftar

Carbonated drinks: Avoid drinking processed beverages and carbonated drinks. Stick to regular water and or coconut water to soothe your thirst.

High-sugar foods: High-sugar food items as sweets, chocolates should be avoided. They are instant source of weight gain and can lead to complexities if consumed every day.

Fried-foods: Greasy and fried food like fried dumplings and samosas should be avoided. Also avoid oily curries and greasy pastries to reap healthy benefits for your body during Ramadan.

Fasting in Ramzan is one amazing way to improve your health, but only if done in proper manner.

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As a human being I understand the importance of communication and keeping in contact but as a parent, I feel very strongly about the topic and, in my opinion, I believe children should not have their own mobile phone until they’re at least 12 or 13 years old.

Technology is taking its toll in all aspects of life and we understand that time has changed, technology has changed and children often use iPads before they can even learn to walk and talk. But there has to be a reason behind everything and there is no reason that a child under the age of 12 or 13 needs a mobile phone.
The reasons i think why are given below

Not having a cell phone is not the end of the world; my opinion as a parent that kids is not supposed to be on social media so there goes that argument. Moreover, why would someone under that age need to be posted on social media and opening themselves up to another avenue of bullying? We are supposed to protect our children, not expose them.


I believe once a child begins to grown-up and can be given a little bit of freedom and independence to, let’s say, they visit a mall with friends or go to the nearby park without their parents, then I think it’s fair play to give them a mobile phone message or call mum or dad if need be. But before that? Forget it!

insdie pic 1

I seriously understand the importance, but what I really want my kids to enjoy their childhood without the need of a mobile phone so that they can leave it up to its fullest I also understand that there will be pressure from friends, For now, they can play with their toys, read their books and just enjoy being kids and having fun.

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Well there is a great myth that it is really hard to be an in relationship with Scorpio and Some live by the advice, “Never date a Scorpio”. They are not so much difficult as they are easily misinterpreted. If you have the passion to break through there walls, they actually offer the most passionate love you’ll ever find.

1. There natural reflex is tough in response

They are called out for “sting” as they have a very vengeful nature. But they are actually just strong and independent. They have this tendency to teach others how to treat us.

2. Deeply protective and loyal

One of the best qualities of Scorpios, if they are with you in the good times, they will surely be standing by you in the rougher times. It feels personal when someone attacks someone they love.

3. Very Open minded yet feels everything deeply

It has been observed that Scorpios have complicated minds, but they actually have simple hearts. They manage to overthink little details but there feelings are guided by the big picture.

4. They see reflections of their selves in others

It feels like it is a big challenge to understand a Scorpio, but one of there best qualities is to empathize easily and are quick to feel like they understand others.

5. Complex minds

Beneath their calm appearance, there may be a storm inside. This is because they are very passionate about the things and people they love and care about. Love for them in a real sense is all or nothing.

6. Secretive

They believe some things should remain unsaid, and there are parts of their selves that they don’t automatically put on display. If they eventually do open up about something, they seek ultimate attention.

7. Trust is not a thing to be played with

They do not assume they can trust someone just like that. For them, trust can only be built slowly and steadily over a period of time. Unspoken trust is the lifeblood there relationships for all, and playing and breaking their sense of trust can break your bond with them for forever.

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As the summer is starting to heat up and the scorching sun is shining bright up on our heads. Sometimes it gets impossible to keep our self refreshed even till the daybreak. Our energy goes down and so does our mood. With our flushed down selves, we all have to face some situations where either we are meeting people for a cup of tea or we just ask for it. As we have the mind set that only tea can bring us back the energy. To Cool you down this summer Zalima, we have tried to come up with six interesting and common situations where you can swap your “Garmi May Mazeed Garm Chai” with something more refreshing for much better results.

1. Rishta Meeting

Rishta meetings can get apprehensive. At some point, all the girls have gone through that stomach churning feeling where the heart pumps at 500 heartbeats/ minute and you don’t know what to do or say. The girl is usually suppose to walk in with tea and have absolutely no clue of the other person’s taste preference. There is quite a lot at stake with the taste of that one cup of tea.


So it will be a better idea to play safe Zalima. Something “Thanda” and freshening can turn the tables, or else one tiny mistake can make your mom go like.


2. Client say meeting

Meeting your client requires skills, and skills of all sorts. Sometimes corporate meetings can also get heated up and if you are meeting your client in the second half on tea, plus you know your client is a real pain. Well in the hot weather thinks can get tricky.

With “Garma Garmi Everywhere” you might want to do something like this to him.


BUT wait obviously!

You can’t do that, better of calming the situation, not with that cup of tea but with a chilled alternate solution.

3. University kay café wali meeting

Oh yes! Imagine in the middle of summer semester, when everything feels like “Tandoor“. She is waiting for you in university cafe and then all you do is to arrive and ask for tea.

Well if you are dumb enough to further boil the situation, your relationship is not going anywhere.


So in case if you really want your “khuwabon ki shahzadi”, then Zalima leave the chai and get her something reviving to bring the boiler back into her human self.

4. Office say wapisi par baygum say meeting

One of the most important meetings of them all. When the husband comes home after a long tiring day, this is the time when he wants to sit with his lovely Baygum and relax.

And on the other hand

The wife must be waiting for him to come home, so she can bombard him about all the boring household chores and situations she went through the whole day.


A better call out than “Sana Chai Lay Aoooo” can be “Sana ak thandi Coke Lay Aoooo“.

5. Doston ki meeting

Either you are going out with your friends somewhere or inviting them over. Usually chai is there to full fill your need of caffeine. In the hot weather try energized coke for a lasting bond with the same fulfillment.

And the results can be


6. Future girlfriend kay sath first meeting

This is the time when you want to swipe the girl off her feet. You want to look cool, hip and not some old school guy who likes tea with his yellow teeth smile. My friend! our all time trusted coke can get you there. Just like this guy Zalima!!!

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It’s not that hard if you want to be the fine dresser that everyone wants to compliment. For man’s office wear all you need is to do some research and be attentive towards fabric and new styles.

As a professional most of our time is booked with the office and we usually think more about what we wear on the weekend. Usually a man’s attire is pinned to his shirts, either it is an evening out or your regular office wear more often than not a white shirt becomes your answer, but there are much more to office and formal wear than this fix.


One explanation that white shirt is considered as part of professional wear, because it regularly requires laundering and blue collar that is usually associated with “workers” which does not need that much attention, but everything is change the blue collar is now essential part of men’s professional attire.

Fabric is the most important thing to look for when you are buying a shirt more often than not if it feels good, it’s probably good. A good office shirt should be thicker, yet soft. The next thing is to look at the buttons and the stitching, often the telltale signs of a badly-made shirt.


It should always be preferred that the shirt has single stitching, Buttons should not show a plastic like look and should not have any thread hanging out of it.

After that fit and collar come next. If you are going for shirt shopping, you should know your neck and sleeve length size to the half inch – and when buying cotton shirts, always allow for shrinkage. The neck size (collar) is basically an extension of your face.

If you think that you have a rounded face that is on the heavier side, you should prefer long collars and avoid button-down collars. Try to find a brand that does the trick for you.

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Mothers have special yet different ways of bringing up a baby, but experts say, they shouldn’t forget to hug their bundle of joy. Clinical Pyschologist associated with Huggies, suggest that there are emotional benefits that hugs have for your babies.

* Boosts immunity:

Snuggles and cuddles in which the both you and your baby’s hearts get pressed against each other boost the immunity by encouraging the development of white blood cells through thymus gland. This will surly facilitate to keep your child healthy and diseases free.

* Makes them sleep better:

You can ensure a good sleep for your baby by cuddling your baby for a couple of minutes before they doze off. Hugging relaxes the body and has beneficial effects that help a child sleep better.

Mother holding newborn baby in rocking chair
Mother holding newborn baby in rocking chair

* Reduces stress:

Cardiologist at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, talks about a few little known scientific benefits of hugs for your baby. A child who is hugged, feels relaxed. This physical expression of love will decrease the cortisol (the stress hormone) to the safe level.

* Helps to heal:

Hugging and cuddling is known to help heal diseases. This again is recognized to the release of oxytocin. And this is the reason parents of premature babies are encouraged to have skin-on-skin contact to help them grow and develop. This very reason is firmly suggested by experts who swear that a new mother heals quickly after delivery if she is immediately left with her baby undisturbed.

One more important point that a Huggies survey highlighted was that 90 per cent physicians and experts believe that a newborn child can recognise their mother’s hug. When the mother takes the little one into their arms and gives them a warm hug. They can identify their mother by engaging their primary instincts and senses, such as recognising her scent and voice.

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Time to time we get this health alert telling us that we should avoid butter, isn’t it? It is a hard thing to do especially if you are one of those who can’t think of living without butter toast or a big fan of a paratha (flatbread) that can be enjoyed only with an extra scoop of butter. Hold on, a recent study suggest some numbers that may make you change your mind. Consuming 12gms of butter per day can double the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

“Butter consumption increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases as it contains a high amount of saturated and unsaturated fats and also trans fats” Dr Naushad Rais, assistant professor, School of Life Science at Manipal University, who was part of the study that also found links between the disease and the genes that cause obesity and high blood pressure.

But don’t worry while we purpose you to say goodbye to butter, we have tried to bring to you a list of five healthy alternatives that will surly help cut down on fat with more nutritional value.

Olive Oil:

Usually used with salad, you can also use it to bake. Just add 3/4th cup olive cup to every suggested cup of butter for baking and enjoy a healthy meal.


Nut Butter:

Making your own butter with peanuts or almonds is one great alternative. If you are looking for a perfect topping for your bagel or muffin, this spread will taste better and has nutritional value as well.

nut beutter


If you like your regular breakfast with a butter toast, you can try to switch to spreading avocado on your bread instead. It has a healthy dose of vitamin K, and potassium.


Apple Sauce:

You can substitute butter for apple sauce, if you like to ad a moist texture to your baked items, It actually works best for sugary desserts as it lends a natural flavour.

Fresh homemade apple sauce
Fresh homemade apple sauce

Greek Yoghurt:

Just like apple sauce, this can be used to add a moist texture to your baked desserts. Use ½ cup of Greek yoghurt to every cup of butter in the recipe.

greek yoghurt

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