As most of you are well aware by now, Coke has recently launched a new TVC that has added another leg to their Zaalima Coca Cola Pila De campaign. As the Coke vs Tea rivalry is back on with the former upping the ante and clearly looking for a clean sweep, let’s take a quick overview of how well Coke has played its cards this time around.

The new TVC stars two of the most familiar young faces of the current television industry in Pakistan. On one hand we have the gorgeous and well renowned actress Maya Ali who plays the girl next door in the commercial, and on the other we have Ahad Raza Mir, the doctor-turned-heartthrob who’s been electrifying our TV screens lately. As if we didn’t know the two had amazing chemistry, it is more than evident in the way these two have played their roles for the new TVC.

Sticking true to its tagline “Chai Ko Thand Kara De” the new commercial shows how the local concept of having chai in the extreme heat is not such a good idea when you have an alternate as chilling and as cool as Coke. Despite trying his best to impress Maya with a cup of tea, Ahad eventually gives in to his cravings for something chilling given the intense heat after looking at the bottle of Coke in Maya’s hand.

Coke has now upped the ante once more with their latest TVC in the Zaalima campaign.

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the repulic

The dhaba chai culture has been widespread across Pakistan, but it holds a divine place in Karachi’s social fabric. The last decade has seen the rise of dhaba culture and reached out to all segments of society. These road side cafes have transitioned from after-work hangout spots, to a place where people from all backgrounds and ages come to relax and enjoy a steaming cup of chai. There is no better way to enjoy Karachi’s breeze than sipping a cuppa under the open sky.

A new addition to this sparking culture is the “The Republic” located at Bukhari Commercial Phase-6, the place has pleasant ambiance with cosy outdoor seating and leftist inspired theme. The menu has mouthwatering items to explore along with your Karak Chai, this new joint on the block has suddenly made chai look cool again.
If you are a desi food lover then this place is heaven for you because everything here is cooked in pure “Desi ghee” that you won’t find elsewhere in the vicinity.

For the love of “desi ghee” Popative flew to “The Republic” and interviewed its owner Saad Khalique.

Popative: where did the name comes from?

Saad: The concept behind the name comes from that of having a community — a group of like-minded people who share the same interests as you and hopefully the same taste in food. Haha! That’s what we hope to find in our patrons so that they can feel at home at The Republic and keep coming back to it.

Popative: what makes you different from other cafes and chai places?

Saad: Our tagline is ‘no milawat’ and we stick by that. The Republic sources its ingredients from places that are about wholesome and mostly organic food. We are all about pure, Khaalis food — the kind of wholesome goodness that you can find at home. We also encourage such food vendors to have our patrons sample treats from their kitchen. For instance, the famous beef chapli from The Chapli Kabab House will soon find its way on our menu so stayed tuned to our FB page for this exciting addition.

image 1

Popative: what else you serve besides regular chai and paraths “The republic special”?

Saad: Our dum qeema samosas, french toast, brick-oven pizza and cheese toast are a hit as are the different kinds of lassi and imli sharbat.

Popative: why do you think this chai culture is important?

Saad: Chai is a very integral part of the Pakistani lifestyle. Be it a visit to a friend’s house or a business meeting, the first thing you are offered is tea, because of our cultural association with it. Chai is a great conversation starter for us, it’s a peace offering when you’ve upset the wife and it’s a pick-me-up when you’ve had a bad day at work. Back in the day, ‘shaam ki chai’ was an important part of one’s daily routine as family members would talk about everything under the sun — from politics to fashion to cricket — over chai and biscuit. The Republic is a reminder of that culture and a way to keep it alive.

Popative: Do you have a free wifi 😛 ?

Saad: Of course! Who doesn’t these days?

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As the summer is starting to heat up and the scorching sun is shining bright up on our heads. Sometimes it gets impossible to keep our self refreshed even till the daybreak. Our energy goes down and so does our mood. With our flushed down selves, we all have to face some situations where either we are meeting people for a cup of tea or we just ask for it. As we have the mind set that only tea can bring us back the energy. To Cool you down this summer Zalima, we have tried to come up with six interesting and common situations where you can swap your “Garmi May Mazeed Garm Chai” with something more refreshing for much better results.

1. Rishta Meeting

Rishta meetings can get apprehensive. At some point, all the girls have gone through that stomach churning feeling where the heart pumps at 500 heartbeats/ minute and you don’t know what to do or say. The girl is usually suppose to walk in with tea and have absolutely no clue of the other person’s taste preference. There is quite a lot at stake with the taste of that one cup of tea.


So it will be a better idea to play safe Zalima. Something “Thanda” and freshening can turn the tables, or else one tiny mistake can make your mom go like.


2. Client say meeting

Meeting your client requires skills, and skills of all sorts. Sometimes corporate meetings can also get heated up and if you are meeting your client in the second half on tea, plus you know your client is a real pain. Well in the hot weather thinks can get tricky.

With “Garma Garmi Everywhere” you might want to do something like this to him.


BUT wait obviously!

You can’t do that, better of calming the situation, not with that cup of tea but with a chilled alternate solution.

3. University kay café wali meeting

Oh yes! Imagine in the middle of summer semester, when everything feels like “Tandoor“. She is waiting for you in university cafe and then all you do is to arrive and ask for tea.

Well if you are dumb enough to further boil the situation, your relationship is not going anywhere.


So in case if you really want your “khuwabon ki shahzadi”, then Zalima leave the chai and get her something reviving to bring the boiler back into her human self.

4. Office say wapisi par baygum say meeting

One of the most important meetings of them all. When the husband comes home after a long tiring day, this is the time when he wants to sit with his lovely Baygum and relax.

And on the other hand

The wife must be waiting for him to come home, so she can bombard him about all the boring household chores and situations she went through the whole day.


A better call out than “Sana Chai Lay Aoooo” can be “Sana ak thandi Coke Lay Aoooo“.

5. Doston ki meeting

Either you are going out with your friends somewhere or inviting them over. Usually chai is there to full fill your need of caffeine. In the hot weather try energized coke for a lasting bond with the same fulfillment.

And the results can be


6. Future girlfriend kay sath first meeting

This is the time when you want to swipe the girl off her feet. You want to look cool, hip and not some old school guy who likes tea with his yellow teeth smile. My friend! our all time trusted coke can get you there. Just like this guy Zalima!!!

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Using their experience curve to its maximum advantage. Dalda is one company that has a history and a consumer journey of providing value and emotional attachment through its successful consumer brands. A household name for decades with a diverse product line from cooking oil to tea whitener. Dalda now, with its excellence is ready to make a strong statement yet again by stepping into the snack category with its new brand “KnockOut”.

Understanding the challenge and competition present in the market, KnockOut poses an impression that makes you stand out. It gives you the oomph to be the person who breaks through. Knockout is here to tantalize your taste buds with its five unique flavors.

The Risk Taker “Masala Punch”

For spice lovers, Knockout “Masala Punch” is the headstrong variant with real heat that pleases a lot of us chileheads. With its hot and crunchy flavor it is all ready to create a fiery explosion in your month.

The Dreamer “Cheese overload”

Who does not love cheese? The taste is unmistakable; it tastes exactly how we thought it will. Full of rich, cheesy flavor, yet light and super crisp.

The one with full of surprises “Jalapeno Cheese”

A mild spicy, but not too overpowering kick of Jalapeno with the perfect blend of cheese is a combo you cannot miss. It’s a full house flavor party in your mouth.

The Wild one “Sour Cream and Onion”

A delicious rendition of a classic ridged potato chip, with a zesty blend of sour cream and onion. We cannot explain the goodness of its taste; it’s poetic!

The one who is always there “Simply Salted”

Thin, crisp and salty, the classic flavor we can never get tired of. It’s like comfort food with extra crunch.

As good as the product itself, the brand promotion is also remarkable in its own way. There are so many commercials airing on television these day. But Knockout clatter breaking Commercial Stands out because of its unique concept.

Beautifully articulated the “Knockout” TVC is a great fusion of animation and live action. Connecting to the viewer from the start, the dark background separates electric neon lines that works as a communication apparatus to connect the viewer to different variants. The major difference of knockout from its competition is opting for animation. All in all the brand has the potential to fulfill your taste desires with excellent tang.

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It is really hard to maintain a work life balance and it is usually to see that many people fail at it. They fail to create a healthy lifestyle because they are unable to make time for exercise. We have put together some nutrition tips that can lead to better health.

Homemade Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal and an essential part of your daily nutrition. A healthy breakfast sets your tone for the day, As it provides your body with the energy needed to start the day effectively and helps you control your hunger throughout the day.


A fresh glass of juice is one of the best things that you can add to your breakfast. The point is that you should prefer homemade breakfast as breakfast form any café or restaurant is more fattening than nutritious.

Less Coffee

Some people just cannot function without coffee. It is one of the most commonly consumed beverages in the workplace.


Try to reduce your intake to one cup, avoiding caffeine will effectively control your calorie and sugar intake.

Healthy Snacks

Reducing the intake of fast-food will bring freshness to your working hours. You could bring fruits, prunes, granola bars, or carrots. Adding to that a fresh juice can fill the gap.


By extracting as much of the fruits and vegetables’ goodness, the resulting liquid contains most of the vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals found in the foods, which gives energy and vitality during the work day.

Stay Hydrate

Drinking enough water is more important to your effectiveness at work. Drinking water makes you stay attentive, re-energized and encourages clear thinking.


Buy a good size bottle keep it on your desk and refill it. Drinking water when you feel hungry will reduce your desire for food.


Homemade food should be your preference. There are quite a lot of options in the market for salad as well. Always choose a healthier dressing and stay away from mayonnaise-based and heavy cream dressings.

Box with healthy food placed on the office desk

Be Agile

Get up and take a power walk around your workplace. Not only is it good for your muscles, but it also improves circulation, making you less tired.


Other important tips would include taking the stairs instead of the elevator and parking your car some distance from the entrance.

Start say No


Start saying no to donuts, drinks and celebratory cakes. If you can’t say no, just take a tiny piece and participate you can take water as a drink.

Stress Management


In fast paced environment you need to effectively manage your stress level and your health. Whether it’s the occasional spa day, time with family, or a good book, make sure to take care of yourself first and foremost, and maintain a healthy balance.

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The world of internet is full of all sort and type of information, from history to current scenarios, from sports to food and from food to how to make food, just like that you Google Italian food and you all sort of facts about that, Italian food is very well know around the world but there are still so many facts and questions that you always wanted to ask.

Like there are thing which we eat on a routine bases and we called them Italian food but people in Italy never even heard of it.

What is the real Pasta?

There can be so much that can be written about pasta. It should be considered a sin to overcook a paste because by doing that it loses it taste and it is quite hard to digest as well. Even the biggest brands involved in the producing pasta have in a roundabout way support the overcooking of pasta.


So what is the best trick to understand not to overcook the Pasta? Well as they say by throwing one spaghetti against the well if it sticks there its cooked well done, but in over opinion that is over cooked. When the pasta is stuck to the wall it means it is not ready, yes. Set a timer with the time frame given on your package; make sure to boil the water before putting the pasta in that and your pasta will be awesome.

What to use with pasta?

As pasta is a worldwide dish we have observed that there are countries where pasta is served with a lot of cream, let us take the example of Germany, Germans are so use to put cream is all pasta dishes that you actually had to dive into the sea of cream to find pasta. Particularly in Carbonara.


A common observation about pasta is that it helps gains weight but actually its the sauce that makes the difference. The dish can be so much healthier and lighter with the right sauces.

Do Italians consume pasta each and every day?

The answer is yes they do. Italians are one nation know to world that take the food very seriously they can be extremely picky and customary when it comes to decision about food, having said that the younger generation to search and seek alternatives.
It is a common question and we believe that because people think that pasta is only one dish that can be eaten with tomato tomato sauce and one or two other ones. Its wrong Pasta is one amazing dish that can be eaten with vegetables, meat with so many different variations that it can produce a new dish every day.

What is the Real shape of Pasta?

Well the real taste is when you mix right shape with the right sauce, it is very important not to mix the wrong sauce with the wrong shape.


Typically all shapes are consist of same ingredients and of same taste but in actually cooking sense it make a big difference. For example risoni with a tomato sauce and you dont wanna eat spaghetti with beans do you ?

Quick and simple The Italian breakfast


A typical Italian breakfast is not considered as one of the main meals of the day, a coffee with cornetto, or just simple glass of milk and cookies, In an Italian sense it should be simple and quick. This is also one of the main reasons that the lunch is given more importance. And quite surly the lunch will not be a sandwich  .

For more detailed information about Italian food you can visit:

Looking for a health boost. Tea is formally remarkable for your health with its health benefits. A steaming cup of tea help soothing a sour throat, and is a perfect drink for losing extra weight. Researchers also tell tea may also contribute to the prevention of cancer, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular diseases.

Tea is one of the most consumed beverages on the planet arguably second after water. One reason is because you can drink it hot or cold, there are enough ranges to suit everyone.

These Five amazing tea’s have amazing health benefits and can help you lose some pounds as well.

1) Green Tea

It is an ultimate metabolism booster, it improves you blood flow and lower your cholesterol, Good blood circulation improves brain activity, it also helps to stable blood sugar


oolong tea

Its origin is dated back 400 years in china where it found in extensive usage, it is also known as black dragon tea and it is now one of the most favorite teas across the world for its amazing health benefits.


Oolong tea helps in reduction of different diseases such as heart diseases, inflammatory disorder and helps maintain the cholesterol levels by providing important antioxidants assisting in healthy skin and good dental health

Mint tea

Peppermint tea is an excellent cure for a disturb stomach, it is one of the most beneficial drink for your digestive system, it assist in relieving cramps and helps clear the gastrointestinal tract.


White tea

According to few historic accounts white tea is also originated from china, this verity of tea is mostly known because of it is minimally processed. It gets harvested even before the tea plant leaves are fully open.


It helps creates a defense system which protects skin from harmfulness of UV rays. Its antibacterial qualities guards the body form different infections, it also reduce the risk of cancers.

Rooibos Tea

Origin traced to Cape Town South Africa, it is one amazing antioxidant that reverse the signs of aging. This red tea support proper liver functioning, it also a good cure for insomnia.


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Well, there are all sorts of information about food on the internet, but we really felt the need of a list that can solve a very basic and common “Desi” question at home.

“What to cook for lunch?”

This weekly lunch calendar will make your kitchen routine more organized.


When it comes to “Garm-a-Garm Daal chawal” nothing beats the “Sondha Sondha Taste”. Either your mom is cooking or your wife, it’s arguably the most featured meal on a usual design lunch table.



Bhandi (Okra or lady finger).

No Matter how much you hate the name but Bhandi Masla is here to stay. It is also one of the easiest thing to cook and preferred with “Dahi”.



Standing in the middle of the week and we are unable to make our mind about what to cook? Suddenly Alu (Potatoes) becomes the lender of last resort, it is a one quick and easy answer.

“Alu Ki Katlian” is the dish that is always in consideration for lunch.



When everything runs out of your mind and when you actually are too low to cook anything, “ Shami kabab’s” are your best friends.



As effortless as it can get “Anday aloo”, is a personal favorite. Potato is a common vegetable and most easily available as well.



Curried Meat with Cauliflower (Gobi Gosht) is really a healthy traditional recipe. It is very easy to prepare and gives you a unique taste.

It is best served with “basan ki roti”.



Yes, it is Sunday; everyone is at home and has a severe desire to eat something special. Everyone will surely have their opinions. Well, for this Biryani is this ultimate love for all.

I know even the picture looks so tempting.


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