Game of Thrones will be returning this summer for its seventh season. HBO revealed that on Thursday in a gimmicky facebook live event showing an ice block and the viewers actually had to comment “Fire” to reveal the date. Game of thrones will premiere on July 16. video of the Penultimate season doesn’t actually include any of the cast members – and yet it absolutely sets the stage “fire an ice”.


The above teaser poster put forwards little to no information about what’s coming in season seven, but by just looking at it you will get the idea of the long awaited battle between fire and ice.

Currently the mother of dragons is on her way to westors, so the possibility is there that she will meet her nephew Jon Snow. There are so many questions that will be answered, will the wall melt? Will the dragons shower fire and burn cities? Will Jon and Daenerys come together or Jon show still knows nothing?

Only the old Gods and the new knows“.


The Teaser video shows the burned sigils for each main House of Westeros: The Lannister lion, the Stark direwolf, the Targaryen three-headed dragon, and more. As each sigil was shown, echoes of past lines from the show were played.

There will be shortened run of episodes for the final two seasons, announced last year and HBO has confirmed. The seventh season would return in the summer and will exist from the standard April premieres.


There is a whole fuss about the winter since the initial episode, and the season six finale allowed The Winds of Winter, the camera crew actually had to wait for colder weather. Currently, every character in the show has come to a critical point in their lives and will be crashing down, however the show ends. Will be an “absolute chaos”.

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A spokesperson for the Academy told AFP on Wednesday “The two accountants involved in the awkward mistake at Sunday’s Oscars will not be the part of the show again” The mix-up which resulted in Cullinan handing Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway a copy of the best actress envelope – instead of the one that showed “Moonlight” winning best picture.

Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz from PricewaterhouseCoopers – the firm accountable for taking care Oscar votes and results – were also in charge of handing out the winning envelopes.

Considered as one of the most embarrassing blunder in Oscars history, When the musical “La La Land” temporarily declared the winner for best picture.


One person has come under inquiry for allegedly tweeting during the ceremony, Posting picture of Emma Stone, who won the best actress, minutes before handing Beatty the wrong envelope. The party ended in chaos and said Cullinan was ashamed by his mistake. PwC have taken the blame “He is very upset about this mistake. And it is also my mistake, our mistake and we all feel very bad,” Tim Ryan, PwC’s US chairman, told trade magazine Variety.


The president, Academy told The New Yorker magazine that “she was shocked as the devastating ending to one of the most watched shows on television unfolded”.

“I just thought what? What? I looked out and I saw a member of Pricewaterhouse coming on the stage, and I was, like, Oh, no, what-what’s happening? What. What. WHAT? What could possibly…?” she said.
“And then I just thought ‘Oh my God, how does this happen? How. Does. This. Happen’.”


The Academy also apologized to producer Jan Chapman, whose photo was Accidently flashed in the event’s “In Memoriam” segment honoring people from the industry who died the past year.

“We sincerely apologize to producer Jan Chapman, whose photo was mistakenly used in the Oscars ‘In Memoriam’ tribute for her colleague and dear friend, the late Janet Patterson
“Janet, an Academy member and four-time Oscar-nominated costume designer, was beloved in our community. We extend our deepest apologies and condolences to the Patterson family.”

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We cannot deny that 2016 has taken away a lot from us, as we have lost some of the world’s biggest names. But 2016 has also given us things to look back too.

As the year ending (thankfully), here is a look at the things that went viral this year:

Things that went viral in 2016


Taher Shah, became an internet sensation yet again with his song ‘Angel’. He made a song so deep that people had to attend its funeral. He dressed like a brinjal to star in his own music video and got hold of a little kid and dressed him up in the same brinjal costume. *coughs* killing it with that look!


If you haven’t heard the aesthetic song, you missed out on an insanely ridiculous and petrifying life threat of 2016. Good for you!

The Afreen, Momina Mustehsan

New and relatively pretty singers can get a lot of attention, but there is a limit to the amount of discussions you can do on one single individual. Everybody had their own unwanted opinions about this girl next door and she literally became an “object” in heated debates about whether she is pretty or not.


Push-ups, Misbah-ul-Haq

News channels have a understanding of comic timing than the TV shows, and when this almost worthless news of Misbah’s push-ups was repeated for days and became a trend, the madness reached to the extent of people uploading their personal push-ups videos.


PPAP, Daimaou Kosaka

I have a pen, I have an apple, ugh, apple-pen! Apparently, such lyrics can make you viral over-night, of course, added with the annoying yet sub-consciously catchy tune and Cheeta print suite.


Piyara Chai Wala, Arshad Khan

We don’t need to introduce Arshad and more as he has already been the talk of the town for quite some time now. This blue eyed guy pouring hot tea got famous over night. There have been music videos and songs made on him. It was almost senseless to see such a spin of events over one, quite normal, picture of a tea-seller. Any who, we only wish him luck for he future.


The honeymoon girl

Huma Mobin, the girl who went to her honeymoon to Greece without her husband, brought back a photo album of her solo, sad pictures, symbolizing how much she missed him. Well, who doesn’t know that? Reaching as far as Huffington Post and on almost every social forum, yet we are not exactly sure what made it THAT special? We congratulate them though, of course.


The mannequin challenge

That’s literally what it is, people standing as mannequins. This weird social media trend reached to such a height that a whole wedding also participated in it. It just entails standing like baraf in baraf pani, one of our favorite childhood games, turned into a fancy-named challenge.


Urwa-Farhan wedding

What everyone was talking about this month. These two lovers tied the knot in December 2016 and people just couldn’t take it. The obsession with this wedding was too much, with comments, blogs, memes and even comebacks.
May be it is a bit hard move ahead with our lives.


It is quite interesting to see emanations of bold and controversial topics like flash mobs, “banned” music videos and Altaf bhai’s child molesting pappis, being obvious content for sensational social media. We can just hope and wait for what 2017 has intore for us. Happy New Year to all!

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One of the most well known fields to get your footsteps in to the glam world and start your career is to start with fashion industry. This industry has proved to be the most booming industry all over the world.
Modeling is considered as one of the major segments of fashion world. As the designers across the global are looking to sign the top rated diva’s who are gorgeous and beautiful. Modeling and fashion together creates the latest fashion trends.

We have listed the highest paid diva’s and there earning.

5) Kate Upton


The model turned actress Kate Upton has gained fame for her appearances in the Mega Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Considered as one of the sexiest model in the world and one of the most successful model. She has been ranked as one of the top earning model with sum of $7 million.

4) Kate Moss

Kate moss is a benchmark diva to which the other aims. With her remarkable career she is famous for her everlasting beauty. Born in London, on 16 January 1974 her initial fame came form heroin chic fashion trend.


This Supermodel has a list of brands in her pocket, which includes Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Chanel and Calvin Klein. With these brands she stand as one of the highest paid model, earning up to $7 million a year. Her grace gives her an enduring appeal that most could only dream of.

3) Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima scrolls down the Victoria’s Secret fashion show runway for the 17th time this year, she is considered as one of the best face for the brand.


She stands among the top super models/Diva’s on the world stage and one of the highest paid model with earning up to 8 million. She has also been the front face of different top brands.

2) Doutzen Kroes


The model and actress is another highly paid diva in the world, earning $8 million an year. The Dutch sparkling diva has been the face of Marie Claire’s video, Time, Vogue and Glamour. She is a regular model for Victoria’s Secret for there advertisement campaigns. She has also appeared for Calvin Klein, Valentino, and Versace.

1) Gisele Bundchen

This Brazilian sizzler was born in 1980 and started her career from teenage. In 1997 she moved to New York and quickly grabbed the attention of top fashion magazines and designers. She has several tributes to her credits including model, actress, producer and a fashion icon across the world. The stunning lady is truly ranked as first in the list of highest paid model.


With the earning summing up to 47 million USD per year. The 34 year old supermodel is one of the richest and powerful women of the world. If not more, this hot lady is a goodwill ambassador for UNEP (United Nations Environment Program). She has been the cover model for diverse top brands and appeared in many commercial and ad campaigns.

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The CW is all set to give you the super blaster of the year. The epic journey of the four super hero shows will be begin on 28th November with SUPERGIRL on Monday, and will continue to amaze you with THE FLASH on Tuesday, ARROW on Wednesday, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday, The DC Comics based series will merge for a multi-part of the story. As far as we know about the mega episodes crossover story is that our heroes will face the mind controlling alien threat of the Dominators, who assault earth due to its out of control metahuman problem.



Recently the CW has released a bunch of new pictures from its upcoming superhero crossover event. All members of show look pretty exciting about the get together because it is a holiday party for the members to work together again after a long time. Cisco as usual looks excited to meet the GIRL OF STEEL. Even Thea Queen is suiting up again to battle the alien race, the dominators, while Harrison wells and felicity smoke are on hand to help the superheroes.



Surprise, surprise! yes, the most exciting part of the show is Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) is coming back to the show, well I don’t know yet its permanent or some backstory event of Oliver Queen but at least we can see her again with the arrow team, yay! As we can see in pictures that she is wearing a wedding gown which appears to be a wedding moment for her. Ray and Felicity dress up for a formal event and seem to get close in another image.


The Super week will start with the Supergirl and collectively called “INVASION” as we can in pictures that cisco and Barry Allen seek Kara’s (SUPERGIRL) help with an alien invasion on their earth.



Well, CW has just created a hype with the major crossover in the history of television and their rating would go on the top notch no doubt, it will be defiantly a boost for all the four-series combined. On the other hand their cast seems pretty thrilled too as we can see that from their social media postings. Well as a regular viewer of these four shows I am super excited for the episodes and some major come back of my favorites. Here are some more pictures from the coming crossover, thank me later. Enjoy!

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Ned Stark’s execution? Oberyn’s skull crushing? Tommen taking a fly out of a window? As the bloodshed that season six draws, we do a little throwback Game of Thrones’ most shocking deaths!

1. Arya VS Ser Meryn Trant


2. Arya taking revenge from Walder Frey

Season Six was a series of revenge, when the Starks finally began to fight back. And this scene is probably one of the greatest examples. In a remarkable twist, Arya Stark is revealed from disguised at the Twins – and face to face with Walder Frey, the man who betrayed and killed his mother and his brother at the Red Wedding. But before killing him, she has a surprise. She also killed his sons, Lothar and Black Walder, carved them up and baked them in a pie. Sweet little Arya isn’t so sweet anymore!


3. Oberyn VS The Mountain

When we watched that episode, our reaction was EXACTLY the same as Oberyn’s wife (lover?).


The death scene should’ve come with a BARF BAG, here’s a recap.


Stannis BBQs Shireen

“Greatest Dad” mugs are not exactly doing well in Westeros,and even if they were, Stannis Baratheon certainly deserve one. One of Game of Thrones’s most shocking deaths would-be when king burns his daughter alive for some reason, which in simple terms in GOT displays a screaming, pleading child sacrifice. That crossed a line, even for thrones!

shireen - Game of Thrones

Wylis to Hodor

If this death does not give you the feels, then nothing will #HoldtheDoor! After an absolutely devastating final scene in the episode “The Door,” we finally came to find out what’s Hodor’s heart wrenching backstory. That sort one key lesson for Bran: bad things happen when you mess with the past.

Hodor - Hold the Door

Ned Stark’s execution

It’s that death that gave Game of Therons ‘brutal’, ‘any one can die’ reputation. That has to be one of the most unexpected deaths in TV history, it was a moment so shocking that it’s aftershock are still felt today.

Ned Stark

The Red Wedding

Everyone died in this scene, even our souls!


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The Lion King opens the first scene with that song and it definitely pushes some nostalgia buttons. But while the melody before “The Circle of Life” will be somewhere in most of the millennials head, very few of us have paid attention to the lyrics. After all, the intro is sung in Zulu, “Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba / Sithi uhm ingonyama,” as the lyrics goes.


But finally, A recent Tumblr thread has discovered the meaning — which Buzzfeed, and confirms.

The translation of this reminiscent song is — wait for it — “There comes a lion. Oh yes, it’s a lion.”

It may not be as deep but it is appropriate. In fact, it signals pretty much every scene of the movie. Oh, Disney. As if we should be surprised.

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Standing in middle of 2016, and looking forward to some sizzling summer block buster’s, with some of the most fascinating movies are already behind us, kicking-off with animated movies like kung fu panda.

As we look forward for some giants coming out of holly wood the following films are potentially the most fascinating movies in 2016

1) Kung fu panda

Release Date: January 29

The team of kung fu panda makes a comeback with new adventures for all sorts of views. Now Po’s is partnered by his father both of them embarks on a journey where they meet new panda characters. Ultimately he is presented with a mission of defeating kai the supernatural villain.


2) Dead pool

Release Date: February 12

Dead pool is a story of a former Special Forces operative turned mercenary wade Wilson, the character is created by artist “Rob liefseld” and has also made an appearance in “The new mutants”.


3) Batman v Superman:
The dawn of justice

Release Date: march 25

It’s a dream coming true to see both superman and batman sharing the screen for all the superhero fans, one of the most Fascinating movies released this year. With a new batman ( ben Affleck) after Christian bale decided not to reprise his role as the dark knight. Henray Cavill is playing the superman and it’s an action pack like no other.


4) Captain America: Civil War

Release Date: May 6

This is the third chapter of the captain America series, The movie focuses on the internal status quo with two camps within the Avengers.


5) X men: Apocalypse

Release Date: May 27

The film is the 9th installment of the X man series, the movie is a sequel to 2014’s “X man: Days of the future past”. Apocalypse is a major recurring villain that have been awakens after thousands of years to create a new world order.


6) Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles:
out of the shadows

Release Date: Jun 3

The movie is a sequel of 2014’s hit “Teenage Mutant ninja turtles. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael all returns with new and more exciting adventures.


7) Finding Dory

Release Date: June 17

With a range of new characters the comedy adventure film reunites Dory with friends marlin and Nemo on a search for answer about her past.


8) Independence Day: Resurgence

Release Date: June 24

After the Independence Day redefined the event movie genre, the next episode promises to deliver a global spectacle on an unthinkable scale.


9) Ghost Busters

Release Date: July 15

The movie tells a story of two authors who writes a book on supernatural phenomenon just to make people laugh but after few years it is up to them to save the Manhattan from ghost invasion, the movie have its original cast.


10) Assassin’s Creed

Release Date: December 30

Based on a popular video game, the story revolves around a man who learns his ancestors were trained assassins after been kidnapped by a secret organization to travel back in time.


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Sarah Jessica Parker has not been a part of any TV Series since Sex and the City. This time, she’s coming back to HBO as Frances in the comedy series “Divorce”. According to the channel, Sarah will be playing a woman who “begins to reassess her life and her marriage, and finds that making a clean break and fresh start is harder than she thought.”

Parker shared a preview of the first look:

Sarah Jessica Parker HBO

Here is the trailer:

From the musical “Cat Orgy” to the simple “Pee”, check our selection of favorites from a long list of awfully stupid South Park title.

South Park’s Funniest Episode Titles

“Cartman Gets an Anal Probe”

Cartman Gets an Anal Probe - South Park

“Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride”

Big Gay - South Park

“Cartman’s Mom Is a Dirty Slut”

Dirty Slut - South Park

“Sexual Harassment Panda”

sexual-harassment-panda - South Park

“Hooked on Monkey Fonics”

monkey - South Park

“Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants”

Osama bin Laden - South Park

“Something You Can Do with Your Finger”

something-you-can-do - South Park

“Cat Orgy”


“Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina”

Vagina - South Park


pee - South Park

“A Song of Ass and Fire”

song-of-ass-and-fire - South Park

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