Born in mid or late eighties and growing up in the 90’s most of us were addicted to cartoons. And when cartoon network came it was the best thing that could happen to our lives. It is no surprise when we say that these were the best cartoons of all times. With this writing piece we want our readers to go through this amazing catalogue which will be a nostalgic exercise; And will not help but to recall the days of your childhood

We hope this list will be a nostalgic and pleasant journey down memory lane for many of our readers!

Swat Kats

Originally Released from 1993 to 1995, In the MagaKat city Chance “T-Bone” Furlong and Jake “Razor” Clawson were members of Megakat City’s paramilitary law enforcement agency, known as the Enforcers.

SWAT-Kats 1

Keeping their identities secret from everyone they used discarded military parts and weapons from the salvage yard to make a fighter jet for them self and called it turbokat.

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Dexter laboratory

Enter at your peril, Past the vaulted door Impossible things will happen That the World’s never seen before. In Dexter’s Laboratory Lives the smartest boy you’ve ever seen But Dee Dee blows his experiments To Smithereens! There’s Gloom and Doom When Things go Boom in Dexter’s Lab.


Nostalgic Right
Dexter Lab is one of the best shows ever aired on cartoon network. Dexter the boy genius lives in in the depths of suburbs. But there is a secret and the secret is where Dexter works the Dexter laboratory.

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Tiny Toon Adventure

The original idea was to make a film toons featuring more youthful modification of set up family-accommodating characters in the 1980s, with shows like Muppet Babies, Tom & Jerry Kids, and The Flintstone Kids. Terry Semel, previous Warner Bros. president, had the beginning thought of doing something comparative with the Looney Tunes.


Tiny Toon Adventures operates in the fictional town of Acme Acres, where most of the Looney Tunes and Tiny Toons live. The characters attend Acme Looniversity, In the series, the university is founded to teach cartoon Tiny Toons how to become funny.

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Captain Planet and the Planeteers

This one will surly evoked nostalgic memories of childhood

Captain planet was an animated TV series released in 1990, it was about to create more awareness about environment. Captain planet is a super hero that battles those who pollute the earth. This will surly evoked nostalgic memories of childhood


There are also five teens representing 5 continents has given a ring with the spirit of gaia. Kwame, from Africa, has Earth. Wheeler, From North America, has fire. Linka, from the Soviet Union, has wind. Gi, from Asia, has water. Finally, from South America, Ma-Ti, with the power of heart. All five of them unite their powers to produce Captain Planet.

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Power puff Girls

Released in 1998 power puff girls are stories of three super girls who were accidently created in a lab.


Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are regular rescuer of townsvilla from all sort of comical villains. Buttercup is the Aggressor in the trio while bubbles is cute and blossom in the center in command the leader of the group.

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Well, with all the noise of content war it had to happen Disney has just announced to move over from Netflix and have its own streaming service in 2019. But now the more important question is does Disney fans wont be able to watch their favorite movie on Netflix from then onwards? Partially true.

True because once Disney App take over exclusive rights of Disney and Pixar movie, people in the United States won’t be able to view the likes of Frozen and other movies. However, this won’t affect Netflix users around the world.

Disney said that its new streaming service will be available in different markets but hasn’t shared details of the countries on the list.

One question is why Disney is Launching its Own Streaming App

This has to do with some takeover. Disney has recently bought a stake of $1.6 billion in streaming service BAMTech which makes its ownership increase from 33% to 75%.

Moreover, the company wants to earn more profit by coming in direct access with consumers for its massive content library.

Not only the media giant will have its own streaming service for its content, but will also be launching a separate ESPN-branded streaming service next year. This will host streams from various college sports networks and is a rebuilt of the ESPN app.

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As most of you are well aware by now, Coke has recently launched a new TVC that has added another leg to their Zaalima Coca Cola Pila De campaign. As the Coke vs Tea rivalry is back on with the former upping the ante and clearly looking for a clean sweep, let’s take a quick overview of how well Coke has played its cards this time around.

The new TVC stars two of the most familiar young faces of the current television industry in Pakistan. On one hand we have the gorgeous and well renowned actress Maya Ali who plays the girl next door in the commercial, and on the other we have Ahad Raza Mir, the doctor-turned-heartthrob who’s been electrifying our TV screens lately. As if we didn’t know the two had amazing chemistry, it is more than evident in the way these two have played their roles for the new TVC.

Sticking true to its tagline “Chai Ko Thand Kara De” the new commercial shows how the local concept of having chai in the extreme heat is not such a good idea when you have an alternate as chilling and as cool as Coke. Despite trying his best to impress Maya with a cup of tea, Ahad eventually gives in to his cravings for something chilling given the intense heat after looking at the bottle of Coke in Maya’s hand.

Coke has now upped the ante once more with their latest TVC in the Zaalima campaign.

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The most awaited event of the town went live the moment the Coca-Cola World Cup Trophy hit the grounds of Lahore via a special plane which flew it from Chiang Mai, Thailand!

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-04 at 21.08.48
The FIFA Trophy made its way to Lahore on 3rd Feb, the special flight was also boarded with with Rizwan U. Khan, General Manager Coca-Cola Pakistan were several celebrities, including cricketer Younis Khan, Pakistan Women Football Team captain Hajra Khan.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-04 at 21.09.49 (2)

Coke Studio artists Momina Mustehsan and Quratulain Balouch, celebrities Maya Ali and Zainab Abbas, corporate leaders and others.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-04 at 21.09.51

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-04 at 21.09.52

Excitement and enthusiasm could be felt in the air of Lahore! Fans were being impatient and restless to witness the Trophy from their naked eye at the CokeFest!

The Trophy was first unveiled in front of some media representatives, national sports persons and other key stakeholders. All the attendees were excited and were given a special opportunity to click photos with Coca-Cola and FIFA ambassadors in front of the special plane.

Later in the afternoon the Trophy was taken to a hotel in an event and was showcased in front of a delegation of key stakeholders, government officials, media, the national men’s and women’s football teams, sports bloggers and influencers.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-04 at 21.10.23

Rizwan U. Khan, General Manager of Coca-Cola Pakistan & Afghanistan said addressing at the event said:
“Coca-Cola Pakistan has always been the pioneer in supporting causes that are dear to the hearts of our people, taking the lead and exploring new horizons that no one else has ventured to explore. We all know that in recent years the popularity of football has increased exponentially in our country, transcending ethnic, linguistic and even income boundaries. This sport, incidentally the most popular sport in the world, deserves support for its growth and blossoming in Pakistan too. Bringing the FIFA World Cup Trophy to Pakistan is just the start Coca-Cola Pakistan is making. Plans are already underway for launching a nationwide, grassroots level football promotion campaign, and in the coming weeks you will certainly hear or read about these!”

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-04 at 21.10.21

Abbas Arslan, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Pakistan & Afghanistan expressed: “Coca-Cola shares the passion fans around the world have for football. The Trophy’s visit to Pakistan is an extraordinary opportunity for people to take in a piece of football history and share their passion for the sport with each other.”

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-04 at 21.09.50

The Pakistan national football team’s captain Kaleemullah shared his view, “The Trophy visit is definitely a big achievement and will put us on the map as far as international football is concerned. Events like this are crucial for bolstering the budding talent in our country and will surely hearten many football enthusiasts and young, aspiring players who want to play football in future. The initiative taken by Coca-Cola to bring the Trophy to Pakistan, combined with other initiatives (that the company will announce shortly) can help build a proper, structured platform for football in the country – especially for would-be footballers.”

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-04 at 21.08.34

The Trophy was then taken to Lake City in the CokeFest where thousands of football enthusiasts welcomed the Trophy with great zest and zeal. The Lake City ground echoed with great round of applause for Coca-Cola Pakistan for accomplishing a huge milestone and delivering as promised as always.

To know more & watch happenings of the event & latest updates on the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola, please visit:
Official Facebook page:
Official Instagram page:
Few facts about FIFA World Cup Trophy:
• The FIFA World Cup Original Trophy remains in FIFA’s possession
• It is made of solid gold and weighs 6.142 kg
• The design of the Trophy is a composition of two human figures holding the globe above them
• The Trophy design dates back to 1974
• The FIF World Cup Trophy can only be held by winners, former winners and Heads of the State
• The Trophy can never be won out right and the winning team only gets to lift the Original World Cup Trophy
• The Trophy is retained by FIFA and the winning team receives a gold-plated replica of the Trophy, engraved with the year, host country and winner of the respective event

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Football has a cult following in Pakistan despite not playing the game on international level. FIFA World Cup is as popular in Pakistan as anywhere else in the world. Leagues have their own following and Pakistani Twitter has proven the football addiction with live match tweets time and again. To amplify football craze in Pakistan, Coca-Cola is bringing FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour for the first time in Pakistan this year and this huge news has made Twitteratis so excited already.

Look at the excitement of Pakistanis on Twitter. 

Indeed a historic day it is going to be. 

Youngsters needs inspiration, yes!!

About time to make football big in Pakistan. 

We hear you captain. 

OMG!! FIFA live. Yass. 

OH yeah!! It is happening. 

Thank you Sir!! 

Maybe next time? 

Coca-Cola, being a global leader in the beverage industry has played its role to help promote sports. It has been a long term partner with FIFA. For the fourth Global FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, Coca-Cola is bringing the ORIGINAL Iconic FIFA World Cup Trophy to Pakistan for the very first time. The trophy will be unveiled for viewing experience at Coke Fest in Lahore on February 3rd, 2018 and we are all #ReadyFor #FootballinPakistan.

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The biggest event of the year has hit K-town with not only a buffet of palate pleasers for the attendees to choose from but a star-studded lineup of performers from Coke Studio to up the ante of food festivals in Pakistan. With the tickets for only Rs.400, #CokeFest is a clutter-breaking, routine-shattering experience for the ordinary man stuck in the work-home-work loop. However, if you’re the one intimidated by the magnitude of the event we are breaking down the stalls and the performance schedule for you to pick and choose your time of attendance accordingly.

But first, let me talk to the foodies!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-11 at 15.30.56 (1)

Food lovers, read this list of stalls at your own risk. We will not take any responsibility for any mouth-watering, stomach rumbling incidents. Are you ready? Scroll down and down to read the long list of eateries waiting for you with piping hot food:

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-11 at 15.30.56 (3)

• Graffodie
• Fry Guys
• Glacier Spoon
• Eat Samosas
• Figaro Grill
• Fit Bite
• Dessertland
• Del Frio
• The Crave Bar
• Coco 9
• Cold Stone
• Chick-o-Cheese
• Bonsai Pan Asian Kitchen
• Bella Vita
• Pan Asia
• Two Guys One Grill
• Wrappite
• Rowtisserie
• Broadway
• Venus Foods
• Potadose
• Pop Up Bar
• Mocca
• Pekhawar
• Kurtos
• Laj Pal Food Corner
• Khausa Khau
• Hey Day
• Ice Pop
• Straight Out A K Town
• Grab Your Meal
• Dip Shop
• Chop Chop Wok
• K-Town Burger
• Potato Factory
• ZA Kabab Center
• Frasta
• Berlin Doner & Gyro

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-11 at 15.30.56

Where my music lovers at?

This one’s for the music enthusiasts, here is a long, long and rather overwhelming list of performers waiting to make you swoon:

Saturday (March 10, 2018)
Sophiya Anjum
Shahzad Khan

Vahaj Hanif
Rachel Viccaji
Sahir Ali Bagga

Sunday (March 11, 2018)
Sophiya Anjum
Shahzad Khan

Zoe Viccaji
Nabeel Shaukat
Ali Sethi (screaming!)

Tempted enough? Get your weekend look on and head to Beach View Park, Clifton now to be Coke Fest-ed!

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Chester Bennington the ferocious lead singer for the hard rock band Linkin Park, was found dead in his home near Los Angeles on Thursday. He was 41.

one of the most popular and most divisive bands of the new millennium Linkin Park, because of their genre fusion of rap and matel, but to listen to that debut single is to remember that they were also differentiated by a core of raw, convincing pain. It almost entirely came from Chester Bennington.

He was arguably the purest font of angst—and inarguably one of the most powerful male voices—in mainstream music since 2000.


The death of the star singer is also being connected to Chris Cornell, the Soundgarden singer who also killed himself in May and whose birthday would have been Thursday, the day Bennington’s body was found. Bennington, married and the father of six.

Stood with his shirt off, microphone clasped in hand, the One Step Closer hit-maker is surrounded by a sea of lights as the crowd hold up their phones.

The band’s sound has always been omnivorous, and the band did deserves more credit than it gets for the way it changed the current moment in which rock’s drama and pop sweetness and rap’s swagger seem to combine. While Shinoda and his bandmates worked on projecting attitude and geeky cool, on the other hand Bennington contributed a lot of said sweetness and even more of said drama.

Every song of his is seemed to revisit the same wounds, and the impression almost always was of the scrawny sensitive soul finally pushing back after a lifetime of abuse.


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After appearing as a singing solider in GOT season seven premiere. Ed shareen had to delete his twitter account hours after he got indifferent reactions from his and GOT fans for his cameo on the season seven premiere of world’s most famous TV series.


Appearing for 39 seconds into the episode the “Shape Of You” singer appears when his unnamed character’s voice caught the attention of young Arya Stark as she was riding through the forest.

After being the killing machine on Sunday night’s premiere Arya Stark took some time to make some friends in the forest on her way back. She found a group of soldiers and Ed Sheeran was one of them, he was playing an unnamed character and did not have many dialogues.


“For hands of gold are always cold, but a woman’s hands are warm,” Sheeran’s character croons while sitting fireside with a group of soldiers who have stopped to have a bite to eat before heading to The Riverlands.

“It’s a pretty song, I’ve never heard it before,” Arya says. “It’s a new one,” Sheeran retorts.

Become the most popular musician who come to the show but ed shareen is not the first one to make a cameo on “Game of Thrones” members of Snow Patrol and Coldplay have also appeared before in the show.

He did told about his cameo on a popular show last month.

“I haven’t seen it yet! I just know the scene I did, I did with Maisie, and it’s decent. I like it,” Sheeran said. “Nothing exciting happens in this scene, we just have a conversation and that’s kind of it.

Sheeran also admitted that he feels his cameo “has been build up too much”. “People will just be like, ‘Oh… oh, all right’,” he joked. “It’s not an integral part of it, at all. I’m just like, in it.”

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Charlize Theron will be a new character in the newest installment of the “Fast and Furious” franchise, “Fast 8,” she will be appearing as the first female villain in Fast and Furious series.

The trailer of the eighth installment of Fast and Furious was sizzled by the 41-year-old Hollywood superstar as she mixed beauty with danger. The movie will be sparkling with stars like “like Theron, Helen Mirren, Scott Eastwood, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges and Kurt Russell.”

Theron said in a statement. “What a great place to find yourself in; to not only be offered a great role in one of the greatest franchises ever, but to be the first female villain… That’s a real honour,”

Charlize Theron, who will represent “Fast 8’s” main villain, can be seen walking into a room with guns, flaunting a ponytail, Metallica T-shirt and a jacket. “Our crew has faced former military, mercenaries & more. On the official twitter account The new trailer also gives fans a sneak peek at Cipher’s global powers, who has the ability to hack into any automobile. The trailer also featured franchise veterans Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson.

The movie starts with Dom and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) on their honeymoon, while Brian and Mia living a retired from the game.Despite all trying to live a normal life, things take a drastic turn.
“Cipher is the real deal, too. At her core she is completing this rapacious, and that says a lot about a character. As an actor, there is something great about witnessing a character just coming in and taking what she wants… And doing it in a way that’s unexpected,” she added.

The film is due to release on April 14.

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The stunning Mahira khan attended the Global teacher prize held in Dubai. The gifted actor has now set her sights on empowering children through her work. The superstar took that opportunity to share how her teachers inspired her to rise to stardom.
In an aspiring tribute to her teacher while addressing the Global Teacher Prize, which is a one million award given by “Varky Foundation” to an outstanding teacher who has made a remarkable contribution. Mahira said “Teachers have the power to make a shy little girl like me believe in her dreams, so yes, teachers do matter.”
This year Pakistani teacher Salima Begum from Pakistan made it to the top 10. The award was won by “Maggie Macdonnell” from Canada.

The superstar took to the stage to announce to inaugurate o a National Teacher Prize. And explained her childhood, which made her what she is today. “A few minutes are just not enough to recount all the memories I have and all the influence that my teachers have had on my life,”

“Teachers have the power to make a shy little girl like me believe in her dreams. We walk on red carpets, we get to support the causes close to our hearts. people like us — I talk about sportsmen, actors — we do all kinds of things, in fact, people like you and people around the world celebrate our success”.

Mahira also participated in a Global Education and Skills Forum where she spoke about ‘Empowerment, Equality and Impact of Girls’ Education’.

But that wasn’t where the thrill ends for the night.

Mahira who have recently debuted in Bollywood was seen bonded with “Ranbir Kapoor”. Even the two entered the event together and stayed together.

Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan backstage at the Global Teacher Prize Ceremony – 1 #RanbirKapoor #Ranbir #MahiraKhan #GlobalTeacherPrizeCeremony

A post shared by Ranbir Kapoor Universe (@ranbirkapooruniverse) on

Ranbir looked his attractive self in a dark suit, while Mahira kept it elegant in a red outfit.

Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan backstage at the Global Teacher Prize Ceremony – 2 #RanbirKapoor #Ranbir #MahiraKhan #GlobalTeacherPrizeCeremony

A post shared by Ranbir Kapoor Universe (@ranbirkapooruniverse) on

Both superstars showed good chemistry at the event, pictures and videos of the two backstage are viral and are taking the internet by storm!

On screen, Mahira was recently worked in the Shah Rukh Khan movie Raees. While Ranbir on the other hand, will next be seen in the movies Jagga Jasoos which is Sanjay Dutt’s biopic. We hope to see this chemistry work together on-screen someday.

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