Technology is continuously rewriting the way business is done in the past. Competition is fierce in the digital world, across all segments. The new generation agencies or digital transformation companies as they call them are helping clients to navigate the space of technological change impacting their business by allowing them to interact with their customers in a meaningful way.

In the above regards Tecticx is one company that is aiding clients through understanding their business need by following the tactical approach of right technique, right transformation and most importantly the right technology that leads them towards their strategic goals.

Reality is a currency of emotions, though this currency and with a skilled team, Tecticx can add value in client products, processes and ideas.

Getting online is easy. Succeeding online is a different, Tecticx is a result driven digital solution provider that help build and empower brands, companies and businesses through technique, technology and transformation.

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Construction that combines the old and the new, The city of Milan in Italy has its own character and history. When you Arrive at one of the major railway stations in Europe, you can’t help but be amazed by the imposing early twentieth century buildings.

The curved glass roof, the numerous bas-reliefs and sculptures, the travertine stone walls and the tile panels of various Italian cities along with several mosaics can confuse the traveller as to the nature of the edifice.


Benito Mussolini “The dictator” selected some of the elements we see today. The sculptures of mythical animals or acronyms reminiscent of the Roman. But all does not diminish the remarkable structure. Within the station, a pavilion was built in the 1920s as a lavish waiting room for the royal family.

The world’s most famous opera house, La Scala of Milano, (the oldest is in Naples), is located in the Piazza della Scala, Most visitors do not omit a stopover to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the world’s oldest shopping mall, completed in 1877, it was named after the King of Italy.

The major attraction in the city include Sforza Castle, a 15th-century citadel, which currently accommodates several of the city’s museums including the Egyptian Museum, the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Ancient Art, amongst others.

One of the Museum is also named after the famous resident of the city Leonardo da Vinci The museum of Science and Technology, who lived in the city between 1482-1499; among other works, he was commissioned to paint The Last Supper.

An one-and-a-half-hour train ride away is the city of Verona. One thing that instantly comes to mind after hearing the name of the city are two characters whose story is set here. Despite their tragic end, the city of Romeo and Juliet always seems to be bustling with people who somehow wish to capture Shakespeare’s story.


The Roman arena that stands in Piazza Bra is understandably a top-rated attraction. If you are visiting in summers, do not be surprised if part of the cobbled street that surrounds the amphitheatre is filled with theatre props as the city’s renowned Opera Festival takes place during this time.

From this now you are only a train ride away to the Floating City of Venice. filled with history at every corner and a step, you feel back in time when visiting it. The city has been featured in numerous films. So, don’t be surprised if it feels instantly familiar!


Piazza San Marco, is Venice’s only square. The crowds are ever present here, except perhaps in the early morning hours, which is the best time to make your way there.

‘The most beautiful bookstore in the world’ is found in Venice. Libreria Acqua Alta (high water) is named after the periodic floods that occur during winter.

Besides this there are several local art shops, including ceramic and miniature ones, but the most frequently spotted types are the mask shops. But the most recognisable symbol of Venice is the gondola. The black, flat-bottomed boat has been the most common mode of transport for centuries.

Alum generally known as “phitkari” is one of the most commonly used chemical compound found in households. In general alum is known for its ability for purification of water or most of us know its use for after shave treatment but it has more magical powers then we know of. Since the ancient times Alum (Phitkari) has some wonderful and amazing uses do wonders with skin, face and it is also used for health purposes. It is also cheap and easily available in the market, we have list down five amazing uses of Alum.


1. Skin Tightening

Alum is one effective product for loose skin which is a big problem in the elderly age. Use of Alum (Phitkari) helps in skin tightening and also makes the skin more shiners. Application of a paste containing alum with rose water can produce amazing results.

2. Hair removal

Alum is also useful hair removal from the ancient times woman have used alum for removing unwanted facial hairs. You can remove hair by Appling Mix ½ tsp of phitkari with 1 tsp of rose water and apply it on the part where you want to remove hair. If you feel the paste is dried, sprinkle some rose water. Leave it for half an hour and wash with water. You can also use this process after threading and waxing as well.

3. Dark Underarms

Use of different hair removal a product generally affect the underarm skin and turns it dark. Using a paste of phitkari with rose water (weekly) on the affected area can bring back your white underarm.

4. Acne and Pimples

Girls consider having acne or small pimple on the face a worst nightmare, but worry not (phitkari) is a great agent that can fight acne and pimple. All you had to do is to mix water with alum and apply the paste on the affected area, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it. if you have a sensitive skin type and feel burning after application wash your face as soon as possible.

5. Use as Deodorant

Yes alum can also be used as deodorant. Alum has antibacterial and antiseptic properties can used as a deodorant. Just put some water on the block and use it. try use it on alternate days instead of daily.

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There was that time when elders use to say that you should not eat between the meals well, that myth has long gone now and the current thinking says you should be snacking every couple of hours for a metabolism boost.
But the next through in mind is that it will make me gain weight.

File_1295_benefits of dry fruits

In real scene snacking actually is good for you as it keeps your metabolism at an all-time high. Which means your sugar in your blood does not dip dangerously which, in fact help you to make sensible decisions when it comes to the next meal.
What really matters is what you choose for snaking and it largely decides whether snacking is good or bad for you. Here are top five tips for snacking right

The right snacks:

The best thing you can do is to get rid of all the cupboards and desk drawers of all crisps, muffins, candy bars and other processed foods .Instead, keep handy the following: unsalted, unroasted nuts, fruits, seeds and raisins or dates for that sugar fix.


Eat only when you feel hungry:

You should wait for it wait till your tummy signals that you are hungry. Then you can grab a handful of healthy snacks and enjoy.

Keep yourself hydrated:

Sometimes, thirst can be misinterpreted by your body as hunger.


Do your system a favour and have a glass of water every time you feel a little peckish and then have your snack.

Overindulge NO:

Overindulging in any thing are bad even healthy snacks have their calories. So we can indulge right in and, 10 minutes later, the entire jar of nuts or seeds have disappeared. Be mindful and make little packets or portions of your snacks – that way, you will not overindulge.

Carry your snacks:

It is always a good idea to keep or carry your little snack bags with you. This will ensure you do not get tempted with all the nasties around you that consist of sugar and other processed foods!

keep your stuf

Now that you know these tips on snacking right, fit them in your daily life and find yourself full with energy.

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Want to bring back the magic between you and your spouse and renew your love life after years of marriage. Here are some proven tips to keep the spark alive between you two.

Kids are not the end of the World:

Becoming a parent is always been a wonderful thing but usually after having kids, couples tend to ignore needs and expectation of each other. Because the upbringing of the kid take all the time and there is virtually no time left for each other. Creating a balance life is an important factor between your kids and your partner.


its a fact that people are more involved in making money and get stressed out with kids but you cannot ignore your partner.

Forget about quality time try spend more time together:

The world has changed and in today’s world, most of the couples are working and they have busy schedules. And so, couples can’t spend more quality time together. Therefore, both should work together to make a matching routine, so that the couples should spend most of the free time together.


Try find a time when you can discuss your daily routine and your life goals with each there, so the factor of involvement remains the same. Make time zone when you can talk to each other, may be drop her to the office some day, or just pick her up and take her to a dinner. The important fact is to spend QUALITY time together and express opinions freely.

Explore new stuff together:

A monotonous life after marriage can lead to many problems between the couple. The repetition of same old routine can make marriage boring. The key is to keep it alive by trying new things from time to time by respecting and sharing each other hobbies, fantasies and life dreams. This can be done by planning a vacation together or even a long romantic drive after a long tiring day.


Commonly, couples stop having sex or be intimate after having kids and get busy in their own lives. Usually, the wife spends time at home taking care of the kids while the husband stays busy in financing the growing expenses of children; especially education. This can lead to frustration between husband and wife. The couples should focus on their own relationship and try not to neglect each other’s needs.

Hangout with Friends:

It is important to keep your personality even after the stresses of married life. Hanging out with your friends alone and with your spouse will ignite a spark between the two of you.


He will see how perky, spontaneous and witty you are, something you might be lacking in day to day life. Spending time with friends is both relaxing and it revitalizes the life in you.

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It the middle of the year and sunburn can be the worst thing that could heppen, and the best thing to do is counteract it with natural remedies at home. Here are some tips and home solutions for sunburn that are quick and effective.



Yogurt contains probiotics and proteins that have functional good results for your skin. If you got a sunburned, it can help you recover quicker. All you will require is a ½ bowl of plain yogurt. Just make sure that it is plain and not mixed with any flavor. Application of Cool yogurt will help regain your skin.



it is old but one of the most effective ways to treat sunburn. it helps reduce the swelling, redness, and agony ought to decrease soon. Application is very simple Cut up a chilled cucumber and put the slices on your affected skin. Flip the slices when the one side warms up. you can also grind and make a paste for most lasting results.

Water Million


Drink plenty of water to help counteract the drying effects of a sunburn, But what many people don’t realize is that the water in fruit counts, too. One large wedge of watermelon provides 9 oz—more than a cup—of water. Other hydrating fruits include honeydew and cantaloupe; each contains about 5 oz of water per cup.

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It amazing what makeup can do, but our morning time is limited. And we don’t feel like spending a ton of time and effort on cosmetics when we should be planning our day. So, here are some tips to get the most out of your makeup routine with the least amount of time, effort and products.

Let’s start with organizing and then to quick get-ready tips.

Cut Down Your Stash:

Like most makeup enthusiasts, I’ve experimented here and there over the years. A new eyeshadow colour, a failed attempt at bright red lipstick – it’s easy to build up a small landfill of products in your own makeup bag. The first step in streamlining your routine? Get rid of everything you don’t use.

Keep Two Makeup Bags or Shelves:

I have two different storage boxes – one for my everyday makeup, which isn’t much and mainly has my coloured liners, blush and office wear highlighter and then there’s the box that has makeup I use when I’m trying to look fancy, which includes foundation, eyeshadow palettes, bronzer, highlighter and so on. This way, I don’t have to go through a bunch of products I don’t normally wear. For a person like me who has close to 90 eyeliners, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and loose track of time. Cutting back on your products makes the whole process quicker. It’s like cleaning out your closets – the fewer options you have, the easier it is to make decisions.

Find Multipurpose Products:

Try to look for products that can play multiple roles, like BB and CC creams, which are supposed to act as moisturiser, foundation, primer and sometimes, anti-ageing cream. But beyond that, you can get creative with regular products. Cream blush can be used as lip gloss, mascara can be used as eyeliner – bring the wand to your lash line and gently rub. Bronzer can be used as eyeshadow.

Use a Basic, Universal Routine: If you don’t know where to start with makeup, or if you don’t know what to focus on, just use a basic, pre-planned routine. Here’s a 5-minute routine I follow in the morning while getting my breakfast ready and packing my lunch.

1- Prep skin with moisturiser that has SPF. I always use a tinted moisturiser, so I have primer, moisturiser, foundation all in one. (2 minutes)

2- Apply eyeliner (1 minute).

3- Put on blush (1 minute). I can never walk out of my house without a blush. I feel it defines your cheekbone structure.

4- Put on highlighter. I use a subtle highlighter; it just gives me a nice glow and helps me look fresh. (1 minute)

5- Apply a sheer gloss or lipstick to finish
(15 seconds).

Application Tips

. I use my fourth finger to apply concealer on the inner corner of my eye, bringing it halfway through my undereye to make my eyes pop.

. Before I found the stamp eyeliner, I would play connect-the-dots with my eyeliner. I would put 3 to 4 dots and then connect them with small strokes to get a perfect wing.

. I use highlighter to look very well-rested – on the highest point of my cheekbones, on inner corner and on the bridge of my nose.

. The triangle concealer trick: Draw a triangle under your eyes with concealer, then blend for a more even, fuller look.

Remember, makeup is an art that you will master over time.

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Ramadan Summer fasting becomes a challenging task specially when your city is under a boiling heat wave and going without food or drink for hours can be really a hard work for commoners. This year, Karachi is basked with harsh temperatures, when all we can think about is having plenty of water and other iced drinks. But as a muslim we are also welcoming the holy month of Ramadan which is also falling in the same crunch of heat.

So How do we protect ourselves from extreme heat exposure while summer? how do we cope with this summer fasting without falling sick? And what are the best ways to keep ourselves hydrated throughout the day when our liquid intake becomes zero.

All of these questions are important as we begin to expect Ramadan, and here we try to give some answers that will ensure you have a Even, holy, and healthy Ramadan Kareem.

The all Important Sehri

Most people fall to this misconception that you should eat as much as you can in sehri to keep your self fill for the whole day. quality is always important over quantity, Filling yourself up with too much and too heavy food can be a costly mistake if you are fasting in the heatwave .


Keep your food light for both sehri and iftar. Do not load yourself up with water. It won’t remain stocked up. Eat some plain yogurt and a few dates to keep yourself from feeling thirsty during the day.

Minimize Sun Exposure

This is one of the most important point and this may not be possible for everyone, but if you can manage, minimize direct sun exposure as much as you can. Even if you are that guy who work in an open field, just understand that you had to take regular breaks to avoid heat stroke. Make sure you wear a cap and sunglasses.

Take multiple Showers

That’s one of the best ways to access water during Ramadan. Take multiple showers to refresh yourself and keep cool. Fill up a bucket with water beforehand so that it becomes slightly cooler than the water that directly comes from the tap.


If you can’t take multiple showers, make sure you refresh your wudhu for every salah. So it gives you a chance to wash your face, arms, neck, and feet multiple times.

Less Physical Action

This might not be possible for everyone especially people who have field jobs. However, but you need to try minimize your physical action and outdoor activities as much as possible. Delay certain tasks until you break your fast so you can at least drink water and eat something if you get tired.


This Ramadan, cut out on junk and fried foods as it will only make you thirstier. Improve your food choices and eat as healthy as possible. Lastly, pray to Allah to help you persevere and keep you committed to Ibada’h during this blessed month of Ramadan Ameen.

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the repulic

The dhaba chai culture has been widespread across Pakistan, but it holds a divine place in Karachi’s social fabric. The last decade has seen the rise of dhaba culture and reached out to all segments of society. These road side cafes have transitioned from after-work hangout spots, to a place where people from all backgrounds and ages come to relax and enjoy a steaming cup of chai. There is no better way to enjoy Karachi’s breeze than sipping a cuppa under the open sky.

A new addition to this sparking culture is the “The Republic” located at Bukhari Commercial Phase-6, the place has pleasant ambiance with cosy outdoor seating and leftist inspired theme. The menu has mouthwatering items to explore along with your Karak Chai, this new joint on the block has suddenly made chai look cool again.
If you are a desi food lover then this place is heaven for you because everything here is cooked in pure “Desi ghee” that you won’t find elsewhere in the vicinity.

For the love of “desi ghee” Popative flew to “The Republic” and interviewed its owner Saad Khalique.

Popative: where did the name comes from?

Saad: The concept behind the name comes from that of having a community — a group of like-minded people who share the same interests as you and hopefully the same taste in food. Haha! That’s what we hope to find in our patrons so that they can feel at home at The Republic and keep coming back to it.

Popative: what makes you different from other cafes and chai places?

Saad: Our tagline is ‘no milawat’ and we stick by that. The Republic sources its ingredients from places that are about wholesome and mostly organic food. We are all about pure, Khaalis food — the kind of wholesome goodness that you can find at home. We also encourage such food vendors to have our patrons sample treats from their kitchen. For instance, the famous beef chapli from The Chapli Kabab House will soon find its way on our menu so stayed tuned to our FB page for this exciting addition.

image 1

Popative: what else you serve besides regular chai and paraths “The republic special”?

Saad: Our dum qeema samosas, french toast, brick-oven pizza and cheese toast are a hit as are the different kinds of lassi and imli sharbat.

Popative: why do you think this chai culture is important?

Saad: Chai is a very integral part of the Pakistani lifestyle. Be it a visit to a friend’s house or a business meeting, the first thing you are offered is tea, because of our cultural association with it. Chai is a great conversation starter for us, it’s a peace offering when you’ve upset the wife and it’s a pick-me-up when you’ve had a bad day at work. Back in the day, ‘shaam ki chai’ was an important part of one’s daily routine as family members would talk about everything under the sun — from politics to fashion to cricket — over chai and biscuit. The Republic is a reminder of that culture and a way to keep it alive.

Popative: Do you have a free wifi 😛 ?

Saad: Of course! Who doesn’t these days?

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Digital technologies are radically transforming the traveling business and the airports around the world. This technology, integrated with new self-service solutions, now offers the means to address today’s security challenges, the search for enhanced quality of service.

The today’s challenges

Over the last two decades, the world has changed completely different political and economic upheavals have led to a change in air travel practices. Airports are now taking into account increasingly strict security demands and stricter passenger controls.
At another level, air transport is a key facilitating factor for the economy. Business and tourist travel are a source of wealth and job creation. The travel sector (airports, airlines, national and international authorities, the security industry) find themselves confronted with decisive requirements: to provide fluidity for “reliable” passengers, limit waiting times and passenger delays, reinforce controls to counter potential threats, all of this while containing costs.

Biometrics and the traveler identity

According to the International Air Transport Association, there will be nearly four billion air passengers in 2017 and this number is set to double over the next 20 years. The travel industry is now discovering the tremendous potential of biometrics, which goes far beyond strictly security-related applications, dipping into creating a 360-degree view of each traveler, allowing them to KYC.

The idea is for the travellers to be able to authenticate themselves once and for all, either on their mobile device or at an airport kiosk, and generate a sole secure identity that will be used throughout the whole journey.
The shape of travel to come: A full end-to-end self-service experience thanks to biometrics

Over the past 15 years, airports and airlines have very widely opted for the deployment of automatic systems with the aim of freeing up bottlenecks in passenger flows – which can be a very problematic issue at peak times – by simplifying the check-in process.

The UAE is already in the forefront of these implementations; think how this is going to play an instrumental part, as Dubai prepares to host the next Expo in 2020 and expecting millions of travellers passing through the airport on a daily basis.

Biometrics play a key role, as taking these automated services far beyond. A unique profile can be created at the beginning of the journey, face or fingerprint will be scanned, and used as the identity token for verification for the rest of the journey. Thanks to biometrics, everyone effectively carries their own means of authorization.


All these initiatives reflect the current trend towards greater automation of control procedures. The modern-day traveller in fact spends a lot of time surfing the web, sending messages, updating on the latest news, etc. So booking a flight, checking in, boarding, smiling at the camera on their phone to access it, and so on, look like a logical extension of lifestyle habits initiated by all these new technologies.

With 1,000 million electronic passports now in service worldwide, which means one billion passport photos accessible by face recognition systems, the e-gates mentioned above represent the most promising biometric solution, and they are already a reality in an increasing number of airports. Recent studies have confirmed time savings of the order of 80 per cent thanks to automated check-in and security procedures.

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