Most of us love winter weather because it come for very brief period, we love it for the food that we eat and the cloths we wear but Let’s face it – the cold weather doesn’t do your skin any favors. All of a sudden, your hands feel like sandpaper. The cold air robs your skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry and itchy. . So, here are some basic tips for the coming months.

1) Do not use use warm water:

It is very tempting to go for those long hot showers when the temperature is dipping. But if you love your skin, avoid them. Instead, use lukewarm water to shower and wash your face. Hot showers dry your skin quickly, and if you do not moisturise immediately, your skin can develop cracks and winter eczema.

2) Stay hydrated:

Though you might not feel as thirsty during winters as during other seasons, you need to keep your skin hydrated. An easy way to do so is by drinking lots of water. you need to maintain your water intake. You can also install a humidifier to manage the moisture level in your home. This will keep your skin happy.

3) Choose skincare products with value :

The key to healthy and glowing winter skin is using mild products. Choose cleansers that contain moisturisers to avoid stripping your skin of its natural moisture barrier. If you have acne or breakouts, use products containing ceramides, hyaluronic acid, hydration serums, and glycerin to help repair the moisture barrier of your skin.

4) Take care of your skin:

The warm sun rays feel pleasant, but the UV rays can damage your skin. Choose a sunscreen that has titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Also, avoid going outside immediately after you have washed your hands or after a shower. Wait for the skin to dry because damp skin tends to crack easily in the cold.

5) keep it natural:

Homemade masks and face packs using natural ingredients protect your skin from chemical exposure. Ingredients like honey, jojoba oil, avocado, aloe vera, and banana help in maintaining the moisture level of your skin to keep you glowing.

Hair is one of the major scoring points in your daily styling list. Guys are always in search for the coolest new hairstyles. Men are getting quite a lot of attention in hair styling commercial market. You can easily notice that men are more concern about their hair and seek more information as well. Which is a very good sign, apparently in few years time there will be a complete transformation in the barbering style. From short to the fifties look, texture to shoulder length,these are the new drift.

Currently it appears that pretty much anything goes when it comes to men hair styles. But the best way to achieve the best cut for your hair is accuracy, motivation and definition. The best reward for a good hair cut is an easy maintenance. Deciding about true styling assistance is quite effortless these days when new styling ideas are hitting the market every day.

We have managed to put together five of the coolest new hairstyles.

The Iconic Pompadour

Pompadour is the most oldest and iconic hair style. Named after Mistress of King Louis XV, it is the most famous fashion adaptation for the woman in the 18th century. But in 1950s Elvis made its male version popular.



First impression is the last impression, weather you need to meet a client or just another day at work, your appearance matters the most. This is a groomed looks for your killer first impression.


Wild Wild curls

This hair style is a bit long and largely curled, it will leave others wondering about you. You can surly have some sexy looks with that.


Cosmos look

Clean and simple is the key with smooth and sleek symmetrical order style. If you have thick hair and triangular face this versatile style is for you.

Sporty impression

Short and tidy, a neat haircut that will show your passion. This styles creates fire with medium length hairs with triangular or square shape face you can be David beckham.


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Argan Oil also known as the “liquid gold”. Recognized for its amazing health benefits this super oil is produced from the argan nut coming from argan tree grows in morocco. This miracle oil is full with minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants that support your overall health and recently have become a one of the most desired product for your skin and hair care.

We have dig down five most amazing benefits of argan oil for our readers

Ahead of Hydration

Argan oil is an amazing moisturizer for your face and body, it a real killer of dry skin because this wonder oil is full it vitamin sand fatty acids which provides excellent moisturizing for the skin.

Frizz prevention

This oil takes care of the frizzy hair and makes it healthier, shinier, silkier and softer by trickling into the hair follicles; you don’t need inorganic hair products when you have natural alternatives.

Hair Damage

Argan oil is one of the most favorite product in the hair repair category among beauty enthusiasts across the world. And the reason is its anti oxidantal and anti-inflammatory characteristics which makes the hair string and control hair damage.

Complexion restoration

Argan oil has never ending benefit and on eof them is complexion rescue. It has this amazing ability of healing filled with omega 3, fatty acids, vitamin E and linoelic acid which help treating stretch marks, creaks, dark spots and acne.


Argan oil encourage stronger, healthier nails while fighting nail infections and dryness, it is one of the best natural treatment ever you can feel this amazing difference just by using it for one week.

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Alum generally known as “phitkari” is one of the most commonly used chemical compound found in households. In general alum is known for its ability for purification of water or most of us know its use for after shave treatment but it has more magical powers then we know of. Since the ancient times Alum (Phitkari) has some wonderful and amazing uses do wonders with skin, face and it is also used for health purposes. It is also cheap and easily available in the market, we have list down five amazing uses of Alum.


1. Skin Tightening

Alum is one effective product for loose skin which is a big problem in the elderly age. Use of Alum (Phitkari) helps in skin tightening and also makes the skin more shiners. Application of a paste containing alum with rose water can produce amazing results.

2. Hair removal

Alum is also useful hair removal from the ancient times woman have used alum for removing unwanted facial hairs. You can remove hair by Appling Mix ½ tsp of phitkari with 1 tsp of rose water and apply it on the part where you want to remove hair. If you feel the paste is dried, sprinkle some rose water. Leave it for half an hour and wash with water. You can also use this process after threading and waxing as well.

3. Dark Underarms

Use of different hair removal a product generally affect the underarm skin and turns it dark. Using a paste of phitkari with rose water (weekly) on the affected area can bring back your white underarm.

4. Acne and Pimples

Girls consider having acne or small pimple on the face a worst nightmare, but worry not (phitkari) is a great agent that can fight acne and pimple. All you had to do is to mix water with alum and apply the paste on the affected area, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it. if you have a sensitive skin type and feel burning after application wash your face as soon as possible.

5. Use as Deodorant

Yes alum can also be used as deodorant. Alum has antibacterial and antiseptic properties can used as a deodorant. Just put some water on the block and use it. try use it on alternate days instead of daily.

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It the middle of the year and sunburn can be the worst thing that could heppen, and the best thing to do is counteract it with natural remedies at home. Here are some tips and home solutions for sunburn that are quick and effective.



Yogurt contains probiotics and proteins that have functional good results for your skin. If you got a sunburned, it can help you recover quicker. All you will require is a ½ bowl of plain yogurt. Just make sure that it is plain and not mixed with any flavor. Application of Cool yogurt will help regain your skin.



it is old but one of the most effective ways to treat sunburn. it helps reduce the swelling, redness, and agony ought to decrease soon. Application is very simple Cut up a chilled cucumber and put the slices on your affected skin. Flip the slices when the one side warms up. you can also grind and make a paste for most lasting results.

Water Million


Drink plenty of water to help counteract the drying effects of a sunburn, But what many people don’t realize is that the water in fruit counts, too. One large wedge of watermelon provides 9 oz—more than a cup—of water. Other hydrating fruits include honeydew and cantaloupe; each contains about 5 oz of water per cup.

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It amazing what makeup can do, but our morning time is limited. And we don’t feel like spending a ton of time and effort on cosmetics when we should be planning our day. So, here are some tips to get the most out of your makeup routine with the least amount of time, effort and products.

Let’s start with organizing and then to quick get-ready tips.

Cut Down Your Stash:

Like most makeup enthusiasts, I’ve experimented here and there over the years. A new eyeshadow colour, a failed attempt at bright red lipstick – it’s easy to build up a small landfill of products in your own makeup bag. The first step in streamlining your routine? Get rid of everything you don’t use.

Keep Two Makeup Bags or Shelves:

I have two different storage boxes – one for my everyday makeup, which isn’t much and mainly has my coloured liners, blush and office wear highlighter and then there’s the box that has makeup I use when I’m trying to look fancy, which includes foundation, eyeshadow palettes, bronzer, highlighter and so on. This way, I don’t have to go through a bunch of products I don’t normally wear. For a person like me who has close to 90 eyeliners, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and loose track of time. Cutting back on your products makes the whole process quicker. It’s like cleaning out your closets – the fewer options you have, the easier it is to make decisions.

Find Multipurpose Products:

Try to look for products that can play multiple roles, like BB and CC creams, which are supposed to act as moisturiser, foundation, primer and sometimes, anti-ageing cream. But beyond that, you can get creative with regular products. Cream blush can be used as lip gloss, mascara can be used as eyeliner – bring the wand to your lash line and gently rub. Bronzer can be used as eyeshadow.

Use a Basic, Universal Routine: If you don’t know where to start with makeup, or if you don’t know what to focus on, just use a basic, pre-planned routine. Here’s a 5-minute routine I follow in the morning while getting my breakfast ready and packing my lunch.

1- Prep skin with moisturiser that has SPF. I always use a tinted moisturiser, so I have primer, moisturiser, foundation all in one. (2 minutes)

2- Apply eyeliner (1 minute).

3- Put on blush (1 minute). I can never walk out of my house without a blush. I feel it defines your cheekbone structure.

4- Put on highlighter. I use a subtle highlighter; it just gives me a nice glow and helps me look fresh. (1 minute)

5- Apply a sheer gloss or lipstick to finish
(15 seconds).

Application Tips

. I use my fourth finger to apply concealer on the inner corner of my eye, bringing it halfway through my undereye to make my eyes pop.

. Before I found the stamp eyeliner, I would play connect-the-dots with my eyeliner. I would put 3 to 4 dots and then connect them with small strokes to get a perfect wing.

. I use highlighter to look very well-rested – on the highest point of my cheekbones, on inner corner and on the bridge of my nose.

. The triangle concealer trick: Draw a triangle under your eyes with concealer, then blend for a more even, fuller look.

Remember, makeup is an art that you will master over time.

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2017 has been pretty wild specially in beauty section. As much as there been new inventions and launches of beauty products, we have also seen bloggers getting creative by replacing their traditional Beauty Blender with the most unusual things. Be it bra inserts, condoms or even tomatoes.

Bizarre Beauty Blender Hack




Applying makeup with a Beauty Blender was a thing in the past.

Now, they’re using hard-boiled eggs to put on a full face of makeup.

egg-Beauty Blender

egg-Beauty Blender

PopLuxe is the one to be thanked for this trend, a beauty vlogger who recently launched a new series on his YouTube channel called “Project Object,” where he lets his viewers pick an item to use as a makeup blender.

And his viewers have so far picked an egg and a dildo. Yes, you read that right!

egg-Beauty Blender

According to him,a hard-boiled egg actually apples makeup really, really well. He also claims that even though it smells gross but egg’s cool texture against his skin feels refreshing.

Makeup artist Esther Gbudje has already tried it for her Instagram followers.

EGG BLENDING SPONGE I have seen loads of beauty hacks using different things as blending sponge like ?, kitchen scourer, pads even condoms (I would have loved to try that but I would have to answer loads of questions from hubby lol) so I took it a notch by using a HARD BOILED EGG ? Sienna had a filled day laughing so hard she said 'oh Mummy you are crazy and I love it' lol. Well anyway did it work YES it did, would I use it again hmmmm MAYBE . Would you try this hack? Yes or No. What you think? Let me know what other Instagram Beauty Hack you have tried and it actually worked for you. Do enjoy the video. Press Play my loves ?❤❤❤❤ ?Shape Of You – Ed Sheeran #houseofsienna #shimycatsmua #universodamaquiagem_oficial #undiscovered_muas #hudabeauty #wakeupandmakeup #peachyqueenblog #motd#tudoparachicas#strictlytutorials#likeforlike#sdeventsworld#followforfollow#fakeupfix#highlightandcontour#makeupvideoss#makeupartist #liveglam#1minutemakeup#tutorials#tutorial#makeupforbarbies#instagram#makeuptutorial#makeupdolls#ibeautybar#livetutorial#makeup#makeuptutorialsx0x @makeupforbarbies @buzzfeed #beautyqueens4ever

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Let’s see what they come up with next.


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When it comes to makeup, almost all of us plague with the same dilemma every day: it simply won’t stay on throughout the day. It’s either fading away, melting off or rubbing onto clothes. No matter if you — primer, powder or use a setting spray. You just can’t seem to win. That is, until this trend come across. YouTubers are trying out a new Korean beauty trend called Jamsu.

Jamsu, which literally translates to “submerge” or “dive,” is exactly what it sounds like — dunking your face in cold water to seal makeup onto your face.

We have to admit, the trend is little thrown off. I mean, dunking your face into a basin filled with water?! How is that supposed to work? While it is fairly skeptical, but it is so damn fascinating. It’s just intriguing, and we have to give them a whirl to see what all the hype is about.

So, you just dunk your face in water?

Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

After applying foundation and concealer, the a key ingredient that seals the deal is baby powder.

Baby Powder - Jamsu


Apply a very thick layer of baby powder on your face ( caution: it’s a lot messier), you are ready for the next step of dunking your face into cold water for 30 seconds.

What happened after?


After emerging from the freezing cold water, your face will be baby powder-free. The water will wash away every last speck of powder from the face, but your foundation will be still on perfectly (gasp!) even after patting the face dry. In fact, the foundation will look better than ever. Pores will nearly invisible and the complexion will look smooth and even toned. What?!

Continue to apply the rest of your makeup as you normally would and be ready head out into the world. Where your face will stay fresh through out. TRY IT!

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Getting new beauty products is a lot like having new babies to love, without having to go through labor. And the feeling to cover your body* with new makeup is simply out of this world.


*Don’t listen to people who tell you there’s such a thing as “too much makeup.”

But while we’re starstruck with the beautiful children we’ve just adopted. This little symbol on the package goes Unnoticed.


If the product has passed its expiration date, the product either becomes ineffective or it can possibly cause a bacterial infection.

For example, mascara expires in six months and if you’ve been using it for longer, you’re consistently putting bacteria from your eyes into a expired product tube, and that bacteria can grow, which again you’re redepositing in your eyes. PLUS, expired, dry mascara causes flakes, which is never cute.

TL;DR: Throw the expired product.


Every beauty product should have the jar and number symbol on its packaging — whether it’s on the product itself or on the packing it comes in. Make sure you look for the symbol before you throw out the plastic and/or paper packaging.

The countdown begins the day you open the product, not the day you buy it. So if you buy makeup and don’t open it for another month, start counting from the day you begin using the product.


Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You!

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We would’n have any idea about contouring, if it weren’t for Kim Kardashian. So who’s better than herself to teach us the magical face slimming trick.

Step’s for mastering the Kardashian perfection:

Step #1: Get Primed

Large pores are such a bummer. To conceal, it’s important to start with a good primer; so that way foundation won’t accentuate pores.

Step #2: Even out your skin tone

Kardashian’s favorite drugstore foundation is the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation. This foundation is a favorite among many makeup artists for its texture, great coverage, and wide range of shades. She applies it in circular motions all over her face.

Kardashian’s helpful foundation tip: “Don’t forget to carry your foundation down your neck.”

Step #3: Highlight

She takes a light tone powder down the bridge of your nose to highlight. To conceal the under eye and highlight cheekbones, she uses a damp Beautyblender and applies a highlighting concealer under her eyes in a V shape to make the cheekbones pop. Kardashian likes M.A.C. Studio Fix Concealer NC 20.

Step #4: Mattefy

Kardashian begins her contour process by brushing a matte bronzer down the sides of her nose. After that, with a contouring brush she contours the hollows of her cheekbones till the angle her of eye-brows and blends it by pushing in upward direction. She then sets her makeup with loose powder so she doesn’t lose all her hard work.

Step #5: Blush

Then she adds blush to the apples of her cheeks. And guess what? Kardashian uses Nars Blush in Orgasm just like rest of us. And to finish it all off, Kardashian applies the powder highlighter to the tops of her cheekbones.

Step #6: Lips

For lips, she starts off by lining them with a neutral pink lip liner and fills them in completely. With the help of a brush, she then apply a peach lipstick M.A.C. lipstick Cream Cup. She completes the look by adding lip gloss for the perfect pout.

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