A growing pool of research indicates that sarcastic people are more intelligent than most others. This sharp tongue requires higher level of complex thinking they have this amazing adaptive nature of reading people intensions and minds.

How these sarcastic people will never give a shit

1) They can see inside your head, they actually know what you are thinking and simultaneously preparing an answer for that.


2) Sarcastic people take things to literally sometimes or most of the time this means that you can get in trouble just for creaking a joke.


3) These people are so use to their sarcastic nature that sometimes they had to actually tell people that they are serious.


4) These guys are good at most of the things they do.


5) Giving up is not in there dictionary.


6) These people are strong, they usually occupy position of authority in a company.


7) They are quick learners, they observe others comments and gestures very closely.


8) People are usually scared from asking any question.


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