The United Arab Emirate needs no introduction. It is a country of unmatched and exceptional architecture. In last 40/50 years it has emerged as the capital of the Arab world. Its visionary leaders have built it as one of the most modern country across. Equipped with amazing infrastructure. The country has some of the most beautiful, breathtaking and lavish buildings, train network, hotels, and theme parks as well and Ferrari world is the most prominent of them.

Ferrari World is one of the largest tourist attractions in the UAE plus it is the world largest indoor theme park and the only one that had been branded with Ferrari. If you love theme park and Ferrari this is your heaven. With mind blowing Ferrari themed attractions the design is inspired by Ferrari GT. It is located in the Yes Island (Abu Dhabi).

1) The Arena

If the Ferrari world is turned upright, it will be the tallest man made structure on the planet. It has the largest ever Ferrari logo on the roof top measuring 65m.


2) The structure of Ferrari world

In Total to create this structure it required 12, 370 ton of steel where as the great Eiffel tower needed 7000, this amazing theme park includes 1200 dining seat, 7 football fields can fit in.


3) World fastest roller-coaster

Prepare to get blasted “Formula Rossa” is the world fastest roller coaster can reach up to 240 km in 4.9 sec.


4) The RED Show

RED is a theatrical masterpiece not to be missed. Includes dancing, BMX biking, mega wheels, acrobatics and much more.


5) Art of Ferrari

Discover different facts and stats about all cars learn about the history and making of Ferrari. Cars from 1947 to the latest model or on display.


6) Flying Aces

With the world highest roller-coaster loop, Flying aces is one amazing ride. Speed up to 120km. The theme is enthused by the legendary ‘ace of aces’ aviator.



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