Success has a very wide definition, and it is actually a combination of many small practices and sleep is one of them. In these modern times sleep is becoming a big deal. The more quality sleep you get, the more relaxed and composed you’ll be in the morning and this will set your tone for the day. In many researches scientist have also found direct correlation between lack of sleep and its negative effects on your health.
That’s why it’s imperative to accept some positive customs. unsuccessful People who’ve gotten stuck in unhealthy sleep habits are ultimately damaging their future.

Given below are five routines of unsuccessful people before bed.

1. Thinking about the past

When you go to sleep it is easy to fall into the deception of continues loop of unpleasant situation from the day. Situations that could be handled in a different way. This is one habit of unsuccessful people that makes them jump into the pool of negativity, which ultimately gives them more stress and anxiety.

2. Strategize for next day

A new day is a new playing field. By crafting your strategy for the next day you will assure yourself what you are looking for. You brain will be automatically program itself to be relaxed. This will be your competitive advantage over people, who waste their time without thinking about the other day.

3. Keep looking at their phone

One of the most obvious creator of disordered sleep cycles is your phone. The bright lights mess with your head and make it difficult for you to fall asleep. If you want to check your facebook notification you can check them in the morning. Checking one last time isn’t worth destroying your daily pace and rhythm.

4. Benching

This is one of the worst habit. Eating within three hours of bedtime will also make it difficult for your to fall asleep, it is also a reason to make you fat as well. Going straight to bed after eating will not make your sleep smooth. Your digestive system will keep working instead of being relaxed for the next day.

5. hygiene

Taking care of your self is the first step towards personal success. Unsuccessful people struggle to maintain any consistency in their lives. Personal hygiene is very important and should go without saying, but getting into a good personal routine (brushing your teeth, shower) will help fall asleep after a long and stressful day. Taking a shower before sleep will be like washing the day away.

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