Hair is one of the major scoring points in your daily styling list. Guys are always in search for the coolest new hairstyles. Men are getting quite a lot of attention in hair styling commercial market. You can easily notice that men are more concern about their hair and seek more information as well. Which is a very good sign, apparently in few years time there will be a complete transformation in the barbering style. From short to the fifties look, texture to shoulder length,these are the new drift.

Currently it appears that pretty much anything goes when it comes to men hair styles. But the best way to achieve the best cut for your hair is accuracy, motivation and definition. The best reward for a good hair cut is an easy maintenance. Deciding about true styling assistance is quite effortless these days when new styling ideas are hitting the market every day.

We have managed to put together five of the coolest new hairstyles.

The Iconic Pompadour

Pompadour is the most oldest and iconic hair style. Named after Mistress of King Louis XV, it is the most famous fashion adaptation for the woman in the 18th century. But in 1950s Elvis made its male version popular.



First impression is the last impression, weather you need to meet a client or just another day at work, your appearance matters the most. This is a groomed looks for your killer first impression.


Wild Wild curls

This hair style is a bit long and largely curled, it will leave others wondering about you. You can surly have some sexy looks with that.


Cosmos look

Clean and simple is the key with smooth and sleek symmetrical order style. If you have thick hair and triangular face this versatile style is for you.

Sporty impression

Short and tidy, a neat haircut that will show your passion. This styles creates fire with medium length hairs with triangular or square shape face you can be David beckham.


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